• Corfu Retreat With Tammy Coia...

    June 1st thorugh 8th 2020 Women's Writing Retreat

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  • La Marche, Italy Retreats With Tammy Coia

    May and October 2020 - Join Me for an immersive retreat at the Hotel Leone, Montelparo, Le Marche, Italy.

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  • Loreto Bay, Baja, Writers retreat with Tammy Coia

    February 2020 - Breathtaking beauty by the Sea of Cortez at Loreto Bay Golf Resort and Spa. A Dynamic women's retreat focusing on your body, mind and soul. Writing & Pilates sessions for 12 women. Let's Go to Baja!
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  • Palm Springs Retreat With Tammy Coia

    September 2019 - Join Me for a delightful retreat in Palm Springs California. Click the

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  • Lummi Island Retreat with Tammy Coia

    All Year - Join me at an REC Retreat on beautiful Lummi Island, WA! Visit the website to see when I will be leading a workshop or a weekend retreat.

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Writing Retreats for Transformation.

Tammy Coia Portrait of The AuthorDiscover connection with your inner essence and rediscover who are you are meant to be!Hello!  Let me introduce myself!  I am Tammy and I have been leading group and private retreats for over 10 years.

I am a mom, a bubbe to 6 absolutely beautiful grandchildren, I am a daughter, sister, friend and a fierce protector of all things!

I have a gentle way of listening intuitively to things that need to be brought forward in your life. I use writing as a tool to bring about transformation and healing in your life.
Women from all ages and walks of life have experienced a renewed energy and feelings of clarity after attending a retreat with me.

Tammy Coia and Grand Kids Picture of Tammy and Chihuahua Tammy Coia and Grand Daughter Tammy Coia and Grand Daughter Tammy Coia with Friends at Retreat

I specialize in helping women get unstuck and feel empowered. Healing those memories that have remained a part of their pain through writing, releasing and letting them go. 

Retreat dates change yearly, check again if the next retreat is not yet listed.

Tammy’s 2019, 2020, and now 2021! – Retreats are Reviewed in

Author Susan Shain reviews 37 great retreats including TLC Writing Retreats with Tammy Coia in her article
55 Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend in 2021“.

Meet the Memoir Coach
Tammy L. Coia

writing coach

“And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ~ Anais Nin

Feel the warm atmosphere that Tammy has created in the beautiful area of Palm Desert, California..

Join author Tammy L. Coia in the journey of a lifetime!

Experience the Benefits of One-on-One Coaching with Tammy

Dear Tammy, Just a quick pause to tell you how I valued the two hours I spent with you to discuss my memoir..... (had you all to myself!!!) Wanted to tell you how much It meant, encouraging me to build on my thoughts of how "life's ironies" have contributed to my success in life. Your suggestions to build on this theme throughout my story, immediately released me to do exactly that. Additionally, a piece I recently wrote concerning this and read to you because I wasn't sure where it belonged, you cleared the air and suggested it should be the final chapter, as it reflected my concluding thoughts, a summarizing statement acknowledging the empowerment of life's lessons ... Many thanks to you. Sincerely, Joan Suter

"Because of Tammy I have found confidence in my writing and feel blessed to be honored in such a way. I have found my voice. I have found freedom! I recommend anyone for whatever reason to expand their life and sign up for her writing workshops or classes. You'll be amazed at how good you are and how everyone has a story worth telling. Sign up and set your voice free!"
Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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Tammy L. Coia is an AWA Affiliate, certified to lead workshops in the AWA method as described in Writing Alone & With Others by Pat Schneider, Oxford University Press.

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