Yesterday Mary Manin Morrissey spoke at the Agape Center.  One of her points during her talk was about the people we surround ourselves with.  In particular, think of your 5 closest friends.  We become who we surround ourselves with.  If we are surrounded by negative thinkers, guess what, we become more pessimistic.  When we surround ourselves with positive thinkers our thinking becomes more positive.  Today during your writing time think about who you surround yourself with.  At this time in my life I find myself surrounded by wise women.  I am surrounded by the wisdom of age and wisdom.  Some of my wisest women friends may not even be my oldest.  One of my friends in particular is only in her 30’s yet her wisdom exceeds her age.  Others are in their 80’s and 90’s and I love to listen to their wisdom.  I know that at this time in my life I am surrounded by love and support.  Examine your support system and see if you are surrounding yourself with the highest possible positive support.  As a writing exercise examine who you surround yourself with and why you choose them (or did they choose you?).

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy