Our stories are intertwined with the lives of those around us.  Many times as I have looked back upon my life I can see that I let someone hold the pen of writing the story of my life.  I gave up control of what I wanted.  When I was younger I didn’t know that I had a voice and that I could use it.  Now as a woman who is now 47 (nearly 48!) I know the importance of writing my legacy and writing it with my choices.  It is my choice what story I want to share and tell.  I want to hold the pen to tell my love, my pain and my joys and sadness. 

We are all born into families that all have a story.  I have heard it said that we are born into the middle of our family’s story and we become a main character in its drama.  But it is through the writing that we discover the unique story that is ours alone. 

Start today by picking up your pen or pencil, or go to your computer and start writing the story that is yours to write!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy