Yesterday my friend Melanie began what I know is going to be a huge revolution in movement and fitness.  Living in Palm Springs every year there is a run/walk called the Palm Springs Tram Road Challenge.  I told Mel that we should do it this year.  So we signed up and then Mel had a brilliant idea.  She said: “Tam, let’s do the tram run in the morning and then race down to Palm Desert and do the Bump and Grind Hike and then finish it off with a Bikram Yoga class.”  My first thought, I have to admit was WHAT??? Mel has gone crazy!  But the more I thought of this idea I loved it!  We began to call it our Tramathalon, and then I started calling it the Tamathalon. But in all fairness, we are now calling it our “Tammelathalon”.  If it is not too confusing we may even change it up year to year, switching between that awesome name and this one: Meltamathalon…what do you think? 

Part 1: The Tram Run/Walk: This is the kick butt part of the series.  You will feel as though you have an elephant on your chest unless you pace yourself.  I felt as though I had asthma my lungs were burning.  Those of you who want to join us next year can be a part of our group, but we divide ourselves into two teams.  Melanie’s team are the rabbits: strong and powerful.  My team will be the turtles: slow and steady with lots of stamina.

Part 2: The Bump and Grind Trail: Many local hikers love this trail.  Mel and I have on a few occasions ran/hiked this circle twice in a row.  It will definitely get your heart pounding.   Mel took off ahead of me so I told her she could hurry and save my spot in yoga as time was getting close for the 11 am class.  We kept our bib’s from our tram run and as I was running it several people stopped and said, “Hey is there a race going on?”  I yelled back “Yes, it is the tammelathalon and I am in 2nd place!”  One old man started clapping and said “Hurry, I see others coming!” 

Part 3: Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga University Village: Normally a hot yoga class is enough to kick anyone’s butt, but how about after 2 challenges already, but stepping into the hot room felt so good.  The room is heated to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity.  When our friends at yoga heard what we had already done they were impressed and want to join us next year!  After that 90 minute workout and just before the savasana Mel and I high fived each other at our amazing accomplishment!

We both had such a great time and we hope next year some of you will join us!

As with anything in life it is all about setting a goal and working towards your goal.  Those of you who have set a goal of writing your memoir if you have not completed your goal let me help you complete it.  If someone would have told me a year ago or even six months ago I would have done what I did yesterday I would have thought they were crazy!  But set a goal, work towards it and when you finish you will feel so alive and complete!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy