Your hearts desire…

Have you really thought about what it is that makes your heart sing?  I have spent the last few days at Julia Pfeiffer State Park in beautiful Big Sur, California.  Hiking through the beautiful trees and creeks makes my heart sing.  I love being around nature and the hearing the crunch of the yellow and orange fall leaves under foot.  Fall is a most wonderful time.  Feeling the coolness of the air and breathing in the smoky campfire.  I met two little girls yesterday informing me they were from London (as if their cute little accents didn’t give them away!) and they wanted to pet Courtney.  Courtney loves kids so she relished in their attention and when the littlest one was ready to leave she bent down and hugged Courtney and gave her a little kiss on her head.  She told me that she always wanted a dog just like this one…

I walked away with a smile on my face watching Courtney trot down the trail and realized that in my heart, I long for wide open spaces.  I want to teach in many places and marvel at the beauty of nature in all parts of our world.  I plan on taking my workshops on the road starting this summer…lots of this world to explore and I love seeing Courtney’s tail wag…

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  1. What a wonderful post! The girls sound like little charmers, and I am so glad you found such happiness. I love that area.
    Recently it occurred to me that, before I make a new commitment, my first question should be, “Do I (or will I) love it?” I mean, sure, sometimes you have to do what you don’t love, but if we at least try to filter our enthusiasm thru that question, we might end up spending more time in the right place.

    • So true Lynne! I am trying to do that more and more. I am finding my heart loves to travel and I love to teach, so I am going to combine the two!

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