What is your challenge?

This morning as I was walking Courtney I started thinking about the challenges we all face over time.  Some of these challenges are challenges that come to us that we need to overcome.  Other times we challenge ourselves to do something or to be better.  Starting June 1st Melanie (above in the picture) and I are going to do the Bikram 30 day challenge.  30 yoga classes in 30 days.  Not only are we going to set our intentions on completing this challenge but we are also challenging ourselves to a detox of our bodies by not eating any preservatives or alcohol or sugar  for 30 days (sniff, sniff…).  So here we are having a toast to our challenge and marvelling at how great we are going to feel on June 30th. 

What is your challenge?  Is there a challenge placed upon you right now or is there a challenge that you would like to accomplish?  I love these words spoken by Martin Luther King:

The ultimate measure of a person
is not where they stand in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where the stand in times of challenge and controversy.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

So how about for the month of June you challenge yourself to something for 30 days.  You could challenge yourself to journal for 30 days of June if you are not a regular journaler.  You could challenge yourself to walk every day if you are not a walker.  You could challenge yourself in any area.  I will post a picture on June 30th of me and Mel and let you know how our challenge went.  And I hope you will plan on joining us at our happy hour on June 30th as we celebrate our completion of our 30 day challenge!

4 Comments to “What is your challenge?”

  1. Yahoo!! I love the energy of group consciousness! I feel the momentum as we head into June. Those of you who know me, know I regularly cleanse and detox or do something new to shift my perspective or grow my awareness. Some of you think it’s quirky but I know you love me anyway. I am so happy to have Tammy join me on this month’s journey. Each and every time I choose a challenge (no matter what it is) I grow a deeper connection to myself, nature and God. When my body is not burdened with artificial foods or chemicals I can hear the whisper of my inner voice. I feel grounded, centered and loved and giving that back to my family, friends and the world is the greatest privilege.

    My mom and her best friend have jumped on board too (for the cleanse, not the yoga)! The more of us there are the more we shift the health of the world. It all starts with one. I will miss the margaritas, wine, and yes the cookies!!! Yet I am confident whatever hole is created from the lack of those tasty treats will be filled tenfold with clarity, vision, health, and a deeper understanding of my true self and of course love. I am worth it!

    Plus it’s fun to dirty it up a bit when June is over!! Here’s to you Tammy, Mom and Carol and all else who join us! Namaste

  2. Mel, looking forward to sweating it out with you. You are an inspiration to me, not just in yoga but in life. I love your energy and how you will always speak the truth. Thank you for your friendship and all your words of wisdom. I am so glad you are in my tribe. I love you my sister!

  3. Yahoo – the power of women, alone or even better in a group. I accept the further challenge: will continue walking every day and will make sure to do my meditation each and every day also. By the way, can I join you from a distance in the celebatory Happy Hour on June 30th?

  4. Thanks Carolyn for your comment! Yes, we will be supporting you in spirit with your walking and daily meditation for the 30 day challenge! We will toast to all of our successes on June 30th!

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