Unexpected Blessings…

Recently Melitas (my 92 year old student…ooops, I mean 92 and a half year old student) saw the computer that I use.  This is the computer that I send out all my newsletters on and create all my curriculum with.  She told me that the computer I use just doesn’t cut it.  Let me explain, the computer I have is just a bit bigger than a deck of cards.  Ok, maybe just a bit bigger, more like a book.  Sure I would have loved a bigger computer, but since I am on a budget I had to buy what I could afford.  Well, last night upon visiting Melitas she gave me her new laptop computer.  This isn’t just any laptop, the screen is bigger than my tv set!  I was overwhelmed by emotion that Melitas loves me so much that she wanted to make my work easier.  Where are you finding unexpected blessings in your life?

Today when I turned on her computer I was surprised to see where her sign in name is there is a picture of us together…thank you Melitas for all the blessings you give me each day!


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  1. Wow! How great is that? As for me, my 89-year old father and I eat breakfast together every Wednesday at a local diner. It is an ongoing joke that nobody else is allowed to go…including my mother! It’s “our” time! But he found out that it was my best friend’s birthday and he invited her to join us. It was a triple blessing; she was blessed on her birthday of course. But my father, who has only begun to talk about his WWII experiences, shared a LOT with her. My father was blessed by being able to share, and I by listening to them. What a wonderful way to start the day! ~Karen

  2. Thank you Karen for sharing about your father. What a special time to have with him each Wednesday! I love it!

  3. I am blessed, for sure!

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