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Since I have given my Mondays away, I thought I would blog about living with Melitas this past week.  If you have been reading on my blog you will remember that just before I went away to teach this summer up in Seattle I moved out of my place.  While I am waiting for my home in Indian Wells to get finished for me to move in I had a brilliant idea.  Since I was young and strong I would come and stay with Melitas (age 93 1/2) and her caregiver, Alba.  I spoke with Alba and told her that while I was waiting for my house to get finished I could come and help her with poor, old Melitas (que the violins, please!).  Alba is a workhorse and since Melitas calls her “the Warden”, I decided to deputize myself and become the warden in training.  C’mon, really, how hard can it be to take care of Melitas, right?

Wrong!  Melitas is a dynamo.  Just yesterday I found myself sitting in the chair with the golf on and next thing I know I wake up an hour later.  I have been the only one napping in this house.  Aren’t 90 plus year olds supposed to take a nap once in awhile?  I guess I was just all worn out from our shopping day and all of our fun conversations. 

I have been cooking the dinners to help Alba.  I have been cooking all the dishes I used to make for my kids and these two are loving it!  A few nights ago I made them pork roast with spaghetti and they both raved about it so much the wanted me to get my mom on the phone so they could call her and thank her for teaching me how to cook…oy!

Sunday night I made them my famous chicken fajitas and after dinner I heard them talking to themselves that they may not let me go!  I just may have to burn tonights dinner so they will get me off that pedestal.

So what is it like taking care of Melitas?  Well, I guess if I had to spell it out…Melitas has been taking care of me.  She has been inspiring me with lots of great business advice from her years of owning her own businesses. 

PS…I did catch her napping for a few seconds, but of course as soon as the camera snaps she wakes up and is off and running.

When I grow up I want to be just like Melitas…

PSS…Alba you deserve a gold medal for all the work you do!  I love you both!

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  1. AWWW! Tammy – This is all so special to hear about. What you are doing is a 2 way street – and a great win/win situation. YOU, THREE AMIGOS AMAZE MOI! GO GALS GO!
    Cheers, Eileen

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