The substance of our lives…

Even with all its variety and surprise, life can be tedious and repetitive.  We seem to live the same days over and over as we care for our families and for ourselves.  The shapes of our lives seem to be the same color-or even a variety of colors, but they blend to a dull gray.  This repetition can lead to boredom or even depression.  But there are lessons to learn from this boredom.

Part of the art of our lives is its everydayness.  Every day we see the same faces and surroundings.  We see the same colors presented to us over and over again in our living rooms and on our dinner plates.  This repetition is the substance of our lives.

Sometimes it can be a relief to sink into quiet and repetition, to let creativity and growth rest.  The lulls in writing, I am convinced, are healthy and rejuvenating.  Sometimes I just want to be in this moment, quiet and still and unproductive.  I want to let the day slip away without preservation or notice.  I want to drink coffee, pet my dog, call my sister, and have dinner with a friend.  I want to feel the soft breeze on my suntanned shoulders and stop trying to figure out a way to write about it.  I want to just “be” in this world, accepting my own (sometimes unproductive) life.

We all have these days.  The secret is to rest in the quiet and trust that, in time, you will once again capture a photograph that will inspire you to tell a story or feeling; that you will see a color in a photograph that calls out for a memoir page; that you will see something in the world differently and feel the urge to express it in images and words.  And most of all, have faith that the spirit and energy of creativity will return.

If you are indeed in a period of quiet reflection, learn to be with that.  Remember it is in those days that we can recharge ourselves.

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Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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