The internal memory…

I always wonder how our internal memory works.  Sunday night I was awakened around 2:30  and could not go back to sleep.  I lay awake pondering…which is something I often do when it finally hit me.  I woke up at just about the exact time 24 years earlier I was giving birth to my third child, my son, Kurt.  I will never forget any of my children’s births, but because Kurt was born at home it was even more special.  (This was not planned, but since I fell asleep during contractions, when I woke up he was ready to be born!) I had already planned on calling him Monday when he got home from work, but I believe my internal memory was remembering.

Sounds crazy, I know…but I really believe it.   Many times I have been awakened by my internal memory.  When my father was passing from this earth nearly 2 years I ago I was again awakened.  It was a feeling.  I knew he was sick and I was going to teach one more class and then the following day I would be leaving to meet up with my brother and sister to visit him.  I felt a heaviness that early morning and I felt as though he had passed.  I was not shocked when my mom called to tell me the news.

Many times when I wake up at night I often meditate and try to see what my internal memory is trying to teach me.  Many times I have had dreams of curriculum or new ideas that have come to me at night.  I have learned that if I don’t write it down immediately, by the morning I can’t remember it anymore.

As the memoir coach I am always fascinated by how our memory works.  Many times things can be hidden in the recesses of our brains for years, even decades and then a smell or a song or a picture can bring it back to our memory.

Each of us has a memory full of associations, ideas and richly remembered experiences.  Dig down deep and see what you can uncover…

My son, Kurt who just celebrated his 24th birthday!

My son, Kurt who just celebrated his 24th birthday!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kurt! Wising you the best.

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