Stepping over the line…and outside the box…

 On one of my running routes there is a bus stop that has a big sign in front of it on the sidewalk.  It is hard not to notice the bold red letters that shouts out: STAND BEHIND YELLOW LINE FOR SAFETY.  And every time I run by it I love to step into the “no zone.” 

It reminds me about life situations when you have stepped over the line.  I have many times in my life that I can recall stepping over the line where I said something I shouldn’t have said, or reacted in a manner I am not proud of.  I try to do that less and less as I get older and hopefully wiser.  At least I think now when I tend to do these things (I am a sagittarius which means I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth more often than the average person!)

But there are also those times when I felt the need to step over the line and outside the box.  When I was planning on moving to Palm Springs (now 3 and 1/2 years ago), I was stepping outside of the box.  Most people thought it was meshugeneh that I would close my very well established educational center, quit my job that was a dream job and move to a place where I didn’t even know one person and start all over again.

Well, I have to admit some days I felt like maybe they were right.  It wasn’t easy moving so far away from the city I knew and loved and leave all familiar things behind.

But…what I learned was that by taking a chance to step outside of the familiar or common was that I was finding myself.  Sure I left behind a high paying job and prestige within the community as the owner of my educational center, I also left behind migraines and my high blood pressure. 

What I have learned is that by truly following your passion you will find the deepest possible happiness that you could ever imagine.  You dig deep and look at yourself in ways you haven’t before. 

I wish for all of you in 2012 to step over the line and outside of the box to see what makes you happy…then go do it!

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