I was watching the news and learned that California will soon be able to play Powerball lottery.  As I thought about the two winners who will share the over 500 million dollar prize I wondered what I would do differently if I was a lottery winner.

Well, first of all…to win you have to play, which is something I don’t do, but may have to start thinking about it!

If I indeed won a huge jackpot what a mitzvah that would be!

Of course I would love to take care of my family first of all, I know Courtney has been eyeing that diamond collar at Tiffany’s. 

Work?  Would I continue to work you may ask…of course I would!  I don’t consider what I do as work.  It is something that comes from my heart.  I love watching and listening to the stories come forth.  I love seeing the healing take place and the love between my students as they listen and share with each other.

I would buy a house, probably several.  I would travel.  I would make all my workshops free of charge to everyone.  I would donte to my temple and to animal rescue.

It is fun to day dream about winning…and of course I would buy tickets to all of the Packers games and have a Super Bowl Party at the super bowl with my friends. 

What would you do if you won a lottery?  It is fun to daydream!

5 Comments to “Powerball…”

  1. I would quit my job so I would move to the desert. The count down continues. I love my job too, but I want to be in the Desert. Maybe I can work from home in the Desert. I know my Boss is going to have a very difficult time letting me go. He may have to make some concessions. Anything is possible so dream on I shall . . .

  2. Well, #1 Tammy, you will not have your pot of gold very long. In order to do that, you would have to ask for my help because I have sorta been there, done that. That guy that won last week is not going to make it. He is going to help the family and going to buy a red camaro, and going to send all his grandkids to college, Good luck with that! See, what you have to do is put on the breaks and get yourself a financial advisor to guide you, because once you buy Courtney the Tiffany diamond collar, and one house is enough if you are not going to quit what you are doing. And all that travelling sounds like someone we know. Well, just give me a call when you win. Your old, old student, who admires you greatly, and doesn’t want to see you end up broke after a big spending spree, Melitas

    • Melitas, If I ever won anything you would be my first phone call. We would sit down and decide over a glass of tequila how I need to save my money and what to buy. I think we could have a great time spending the money together!

  3. I typed “golf” instead of “gold”. Well, those letters are next to each other on my laptop, and you can understand that error. You know my old hand are not in too good of shape to be typing away at 80 words per minute. Melitas

    • No worries, I saw that post first and edited it before I read this reply!

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