Perro Caliente! Muy Deliciosa!

When I first moved to Baja 10 months ago I tried to learn about all the best places to eat.  I have always been a fan of where the locals eat, but not always brave enough to try it out.  Since I live in a mostly ex-pat community I tend to eat where they were eating. I do remember one of my friends telling me, “have you tried the hot dog stand yet?”

I thought hot dog stand?  On those times I was in Loreto in the evenings I always saw the little hot dog stand near the university with a small line around it.  I never really thought much of it and then it happened.

Just a few weeks ago after watching football in town one of my friends said, “let’s get a hot dog at the hot dog stand!”

I said, “hot dog?  They are really THAT good?”

Her eyes, lit up, “oh yea, I can’t believe you have been here 10 months and have never been!”

With those words the challenge was on, I had to see what all the fuss was about.

I learned that the hot dog stand is only open after 7:30 at night and weeknights they are open until around 11 or whenever they sell out.  During the weekend they stay open until 2 or 3 am…unless they sell out first!

They sell around 275 hot dogs every night (oh and hamburgers too on their outdoor grill).

When we arrived there was a line of people waiting for their bun of deliciousness.

We were the only gringos in line but they all smiled as we walked up.

When it was our turn we got it the way the locals get it…everything on it, even the mayonnaise type liquid he squirted on it.

The buns are steamed and the hot dog came wrapped in bacon. Then he loads it up with tomatoes, onions and jalapeno relish before squirting on the mustard (two types) and the mayonnaise.

As I took the first bite I think I heard angels singing from on high.  Oh wow, talk about delicious!

I have to admit, I talked about it all week and thought about it, and salivated about it.  I thought to myself that I couldn’t wait to take all my friends here!

I learned that the hot dog assembler’s name is George, but he said…”not George Bush!”  We both laughed together when he said that!

At the other end was Oswaldo  who is in charge of the hamburgers….oh wait…I didn’t mention the hamburgers yet?

Last night I talked 3 friends into driving to town for a hot dog at 1o pm at night on a quest to do research on the hamburger.

Now I am in a pickle, or should I say relish?  That hamburger would beat out In N Out burger any day.

So what does this mean to me?

I better plan on upping my laps at the lap pool since I have found this deliciousness….and guess what?

A hot dog costs only 17 pesos and the hamburger a mere 35 pesos.

I am ready to move to Loreto just to be close to my favorite “restaurant”….

I hope they don’t think I am stalking them now if I happen to just “show up” each night….

mi amigo...George, not George Bush!

mi amigo…George, not George Bush!

hot dog 2

Next time I will show you what they look like after finished…we just took a pic of the hot dog and bun….

hot dog 3

Oswaldo makes the best burgers


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  1. Coi-ta, tell Jorge (not Jorge Bush) to move to La Quinta – he would take away all the hot dog business from Costco and become a billionaire in no time. Those hot dogs sound deliciosos! I would definitely stop cooking lentils and would start eating perros!

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