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Isn’t it amazing how life continues to put opportunities to heal right in our face, over and over again, until we finally get it?  I woke up thinking of this today.  As most of you know that with the death of my father on March 30, I didn’t get a chance to say good-bye.  I didn’t get the opportunity to tell him what a great dad he was to me and my brother and sister when we were little.  I didn’t get the chance to hear his voice one last time.  I felt robbed of the opportunity to heal my heart, but as I have been writing and reflecting on my father I realize that I have had many opportunities to heal over these last 5 weeks.  Connecting with my brother, Terry has been healing.  Spending the weekend with my sister and brother healed our hearts.  Getting to know my stepmom Lee better and meeting my stepbrother and sister was also a part of the healing process.  My stepbrother Daniel gave me a gift a few weeks ago when he told me that he found my book Fig on a Stick on my dad’s nightstand near his bed.  This connection that my brother, sister and I have with the family my dad has had for the last nearly 20 years has healed our hearts. 

Examine your life today and see if there are areas that you need to heal.  Sometimes we allow someone to keep us locked up in a prison of resentment, anger or even grief.  We all hold the key in our hand and that key is forgiveness.  The real question is, Do you love yourself enough to use the key to unlock the door.  Regardless of what has happened in the past, you can choose to use it for good, for the evolution of your own soul.  Set yourself free today – you deserve it.

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