My sweet good-bye…

If you are my facebook friend then I know you have been inundated with all my pictures…especially all of the cats of Alonnosis!  I have been enjoying them all, but one in particular has filled my heart with love.  I call him one eyed Jack.  I met him last week when I was sitting outside one night at the Pansion down on the steps catching up on my email when I saw 3 cats picking on one little red one.  When I walked over to help the cat in distress I saw that it had only one eye.  It had probably lost an eye in a cat fight.  I spent part of the evening keeping it safe from the other cats.  Most of the nights before I went to bed late at night I would go out and walk the steps to the area where one eyed Jack hung out.  Last night I said good night to my friends went up to my room and then realized I needed to check on one eyed Jack.  I looked around the area that was his hang out and he was no where to be found.  I felt so sad that I wasn’t going to be able to say good-bye to him.

Early this morning, the only time this week, one eyed Jack was up on the balcony of where I had been staying.  I know he was waiting for me to say good-bye because as soon as I opened my door his head popped up and he meowed.  Animals are the most amazing creatures…I hope one eyed Jack will be okay and the other cats will stop picking on him.  I know the next time I go to Alonnosis he will be the first cat I look for!

One Eyed Jack loved his neck rubs from me each night

One Eyed Jack loved his neck rubs from me each night


I think he was sad today, too

I think he was sad today, too


Tam, I will wait for you to return.  Forever yours, Jack...

Tam, I will wait for you to return. Forever yours, Jack…

Thank you for all the love one eyed Jack…I would have loved to have taken you home with me!

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