My one year running anniversary!

One year ago today I started running.  Well, actually for the first three months I hardly clocked any mileage.  It seemed I could only run a half a mile at a time in the early months.  As I have tracked my miles I see that I have run 1,027 miles in this first calendar year of my run.

During my running year, I started in October with the Palm Springs Tram Challenge, then on Thanksgiving I ran a 5 k.  Starting in January I ran my first half marathon.  Since January I have 7 half marathons under my belt and tomorrow will be number 8 in Long Beach.  I am scheduled for 4 more this year…San Diego, San Jose, Santa Barbara and Las Vegas.  In January I start the year with running another half marathon at Disneyland with my daughter.

I want to thank Alba for encouraging me to run and coaching me.  Even my daughter has run 3 races with me, and will also be running with me in San Jose, Las Vegas and of course Disneyland.

If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought I could do it I would have said no way…I am not a runner.  But with determination and hard work, you can accomplish anything!

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  1. “Running takes balls, other sports just play with them”
    Congratulations on your latest personal best half marathon. The big one is coming!

    • Thank you Alba! I think of you during every run I run…You are so inspiring!

  2. I can barely keep up with you just walking. Thank you for never asking me to join you in a run! I stand in awe of your solid determination to maintain your goal steps in spite of sore knees, aching hips, sunburned face, not to mention total exhaustion when the run is over. You are a true inspiration to so many in so many ways.

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