My Grandpa Snyder…

Although he was only my grandfather by marriage, he never made me feel like that.  My mom married my step-dad when I was only 6 years old and I don’t know how long after that I met my Grandma and Grandpa Snyder.  Since I lived in California and they lived in Pennsylvania I loved it when we got to spend time together.  I have so many wonderful memories of time spent back east.  I remember my grandpa eating limburger cheese and onion sandwiches…peeeuuuuu, I can still smell them!  I still remember when my parents were going to Niagra Falls and I opted to stay behind with grandpa.  I sat with him all afternoon as he showed me his coin collection.  Not that I was interested in the coins, but I was thrilled to just be spending time with him.  We would sit for hours playing cribbage on his porch.  He called me Kitten, and according to my sister Sandy, I was grandpa’s favorite.  This was one of the last times I got to see my grandpa, he died while I was in college.  I still miss him and think about him often, especially when I am playing a game of cribbage with Melitas.

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  1. We have been so busy that our games of cribbage have slacked off. It’s your fault giving me this ongoing Monday assignment. I don’t know why I have to do all this so you will advance me in your up-coming classes. Can’t you see? — I am really trying hard. Sincerely, your 93 and one-fourth year old student….still plodding along in life and everything else.

    • My dear Melitas, yes, I agree…our cribbage games have slacked off quite a bit! I arrive back in the desert next week so next Saturday I am bringing you dinner and a challenge to a cribbage game (or two!) I have missed you these past few weeks I have been traveling! Mondays on my blog would not be the same without your stories!! Remember I am your number 1 fan!

  2. Love this one:]

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