My feral cats…

It has been over three years ago that I graduated my first group of women whom I have lovingly called my feral cats.  These group of 5 women are one of the most amazing groups I that I have ever worked with.  In case you are new to my blog, the reason why I call them my feral cats is that teaching these women were like herding cats, not an easy task.  As I sat back, I watched these women share, cry and bond during the course of our Legacy Series. 

Our graduation was a special time for me as it was my very first.  These women opened up and grew and shared their lives with each other.  Joan (the woman in the middle wearing yellow) shared that her husband had alzheimer’s.  I watched as this group surrounded Joan with love and support these last three years. 

Yesterday, our group met at Joan’s house to honor the memory of her husband who had just passed away last week.  It was so beautiful to see the love between all of us.  I have been so blessed to have been a part of such a dynamic group of women.  I have said it many times before, but Sally, Pat, Joan, Sandra and Lorie, I could not have asked for a better example of friendships among women.  I love how you all love each other and support each other.  I hope you know how very special you are to me.  I think of all 5 of you each day and love that you all are a part of my life.  Your love has carried me through some rough times in my life.  You are 5 of the most beautiful women I have ever met!


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  1. Thanks, Tammy. The feeling is mutual!

  2. I agree with Pat’s comments. Appreciate your compliments, Tammy, and thanks for sharing these pictures. You supplied the ink that allowed our pens to flourish and, consequently, the key that unlocked our authenticity and shaped our strong bond. Thank you!

  3. Tammy,your words above certainly reflects the love and friendship of “The Ferals”…it’s indeed very special to each of us. However…. you were the connecting link that made it possible!

    And Tammy, I shall never forget how you reached out to me and cared enough to arrange that life changing luncheon with your friend Marilyn, who informed me of Alzheimer’s resources that I so desperately needed. The results of that luncheon led to a three year relationship with the Alz Support Group that helped my soul then, and as evidenced on Wednesday.

    Thankful our paths crossed for many reasons…(Still working on my memoir!)

    Thank you Tammy,sending much love your way,

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