My baby turns 21 today!

When this little bundle of energy was born I already had a 17 month at home, a 3 year old and a 5 year old!  But nothing prepared our famiily for Kev.  As I think back to this little (now big) guy it always makes me smile.  When I look back at the photos of his young life it was either one of two ways.  He had a huge smile, like this one, or he was pouting.  I think Kevin was a wonderful addition to our family, his bright smile and loving ways make me so happy.  Just the other day he sent me a text that said:” I love you mama, just wanted to say that.”

Last year Kev sent me a text of a tattoo he got on his chest above his heart.  I was looking at the tattoo via my blackberry, which means I couldn’t see it very well.  He texted me and said, “mom, do you see what it is?”  I had to say, “not too well, kev via my phone, I will check it on my computer later.”  What I saw was the sweetest thing…he had my initials (TLC) tattooed on his chest with some paw prints representing Courtney.  I am not a fan of tattoos, but wow, what a sweet thing to do in honor of his mama.

Of course, my oldest son, Kent, ever being the diplomat said:  “Kev, that was the dumbest thing you could have ever done, what if you marry someone that doesn’t like mom?”  Without skipping a beat, Kevin replied…”Who doesn’t like mom?”   Awww, every mother should have their baby be just like my Kev.  Happy birthday Son, I love you and so glad you are who you are!

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    Since you can now legally drink, when you come to visit us, we will toast to your birthday with some good tequila…have to start you off on the right foot! Alba

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