Mondays with Melitas – On Tuesday!


I really don’t know how I made it through the First Week, but somehow I did. I just never did get the picture of how the games were scheduled, and how they were putting this information in the newspaper, and all those TV stations that NBC had going really got to my old hands clicking away trying to find the right channel. The old fingers were cramping and hands were in pain, so it has also cramped my typing style. I saw all of the Beach Volleyball games with Misty and Kerri simply because NBC aired them on prime time. These two gals have been my heroes since they started winning the Gold in 2004. In my youth I spent a lot of time on the beaches in the southland. Friends and I would drive up and down the coast — sometimes to Corona del Mar, or to Huntington Beach, maybe Balboa or Redondo, or Venice, and even Santa Monica. Wherever we went there were always volley ball nets set up, and we loved to join in to play. We definitely did not play the caliber of the game they play nowadays, but we sure did have a lot of fun — and a lot of beers.

There were two of these games in London that I shall never forget. They were hysterical to watch. One was the semifinal game between our USA girls, Ross and her partner VS the two Brazilian gals. The Brazil captain, who was running the show, was hilarious to watch. Her yap did not shut up during the entire match — she was letting her partner know how the cow ate the cabbage in no uncertain terms, not letting up at all, just giving her holy hell, and when they sat down for a time out, the mouth was still spewing forth while partner would give her a short look and be wiping her sunglasses, and you would think for sure those sunglasses would turn to liquid she was rubbing them so hard — and probably wanting to “put a sock” in the partner’s mouth. They lost in 2 sets, and there were no hugs AT ALL. You know, volley ball can be a very huggy game. Not this one, and the Warden and I were howling with laughter. It made our day. So what happens 2 days later when these Brazilians were playing the Chinese ladies for the Bronze medal? Same thing, the captain was giving her partner a bad time — the one-sided dress down continued where she had left off — really in the partner’s face, still riding her even when they were standing there waiting for the Chinese to serve. About half way through, the tide was turning and Brazil started to pick up and the game was going their way. Well, things got cozy as they started to win more and more points, and now there were a few pats on the back from captain, and she backed off a bit. giving her jaws a rest, and a slight smile showed up, and even some hugs. Then when they won the match you should have seen the hugs the captain was giving out — the partner was not really into this sudden change of conduct and not really appearing all that thrilled. So again the Warden and I cracked up, and that made it a pretty good day, after all.

One afternoon I was so bummed out, my nerves were definitely frayed, and I was completely saturated with Olympics dictating my every hour of every day, so here’s what I did: I laid back on the davenport, got all comfortable with pillows, and clicked the TV to station USA where it was one of those marathon days with Law & Order: SVU. I watched 3 of them, one right after another. Happy, happy day! After the Warden served one of her tasty dinners, I asked her about watching one of our tapes, and “Yeah” she would enjoy since she was a little weary with the London stuff. I put on Dallas, and we watched 3 episodes, including the season finale. Happy evening! This respite gave us the strength to get through the rest of the week. Sorta. Everything had been going along swimmingly — I was thrilled with all our great Team USA aquatic kids — and then old NBC just HAD to throw in a monkey wrench no doubt aimed at yours truly. They just had to get my dander (Equestrian Events are very close to my heart) up one last time. The finals for Gold in Women’s Volleyball came on, and I am anxiously waiting for all the excitement for our USA girls to win over Brazil. The game started, and very quickly USA took the first set 25 to 10. Then the network went to commercials, and one more time I sat there bitching and gunching about the break just when the game was getting good. And would you believe it? –when the game returned NBC had fast forwarded to the 4th set. Brazil had won 2 sets handily, and very close to winning their 3rd and final set for the Gold. They only had a few more points. There were 2 whole sets missing, and most of the final game. One cannot imagine the bitching and the cursing that went on around here; however if you know me, you probably could imagine. Now that I think of it, maybe NBC had a hunch that they had better not show those 2 sets in which the Brazilians had trounced our girls because it may cause a few true blue Americans to have a nervous breakdown or some other dire melt down. I guess if I had seen that rout, it would’ve left a very bad taste in my mouth. I will forever wonder what happened. USA takes the first set, and then paralysis sets in? I just don’t know. After all is said and done, I have to admit that I did get so very, very tired these past 2 weeks, but in the end I am so proud of all our great athletes, and how well they did. (I wonder how many hugs were hugged in the 2 weeks — millions, I would say.) Well, let’s see, if there were 10 thousand athletes there, for 16 days, and a minimum of 20 hugs a day (I think there were a whole lot more than 20, probably more like 50) so what does that add up to? Well, give me a chance to get my calculator out, — and with only 20 hugs a day it amounts to 200,000 hugs per day, or 3,200,000 for the 16 days. At 50 hugs a day it adds up to 8M. (That’s a pretty crushing statistic.) So I leave you with this thought: That’s what life is all about. HUGS, HUGS, HUGS. So get up off your couch right now, go next door, and hug your neighbor. If you aren’t too far away, come on over here to Dandelion Dr. — I could use a squeeze or two. The more I ponder this, I think 50 a day is putting it mildly.


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  1. Dear Mena,

    That story certainly shows your love of sports and those who play them. Some of their antics WERE intertaining. I was proud of all of our athlets too.
    Also, you are so right about hugs. We all need them, sometimes more than we would like to admit. If I lived closer, I would be over there often to give you one.


  2. Melitas, You’re the best! You make it come alive. Jan

  3. Melitas, I wish I were in town and I would rush over and give you a hug worth a thousand. Thanks for your “color” about the Olympics. I look forward to your posts in 2014 when we watch the Olympics again!

  4. Who loves ya……hugs. I enjoyed a live musical last night- ” The confessions of a love junkie” taking away the message that ” love is risk”. With that said and ” hugs” as your prompt to all you readers… I shall take the risk and deliver a hug to someone today and spread some love. You are awesome. I love you.
    M King

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