Mondays with Melitas – October 22, 2012

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            I may as well tell you that my thought processes are in terrible disarray this week, and I cannot seem to get those processes lined up  to make  much sense, so the story which is half written for this week will just have to sit there.  No way can I finish it.

            But let me give you the picture of what’s been going on in my life for the past few days.  At this stage of the game, one should not just go out here and there willy-nilly — too much vitality is used up, and you end up overly tired, and then you go through an entire night without ANY sleep. That is definitely not good.

            Thursday night no sleep, so I Zombied around all day Friday. Friday night sleep not so hot, so more Zombie-like demeanor on Saturday — nothing of any consequence getting done.  Saturday finally was over — no telling where it went.  Everything on hold, and there was no brain activity at all.

            Sunday arrived with an early wake-up for me, that is.  What’s wrong with 8:30?  I’d had a good sleep, but all that previous time inZombieLand had me feeling I had been run over by the proverbial Mack truck.  I took a nice hot shower to get the old muscles — that might be lurking in the old bod’ —- to move a little easier because I had to get a few things done on this day. There was a pile of about 20 microfiber cleaning towels lingering in the #1 spot to hit the washer, and it finally got through to my brain to get them going.  I put them in to soak, and they had a very good soak because I forgot about them the minute I left the washer to have breakfast, and today my breakfast menu was a tasty, healthy vegetable soup put together by none other than my Coach, Tammy.  She had heard I was feeling puny, and  figured the soup would bring me back among the living.  Breakfast time was 11 am.  In the meantime, those towels were soaking away, and it wasn’t until about 4 —- the Warden had already served me my “5 o’clock somewhere,” Tequila,on the rocks, salted glass with squeeze of lime, when I remembered the wash.   A friend had stopped by so she and the Warden joined me for cocktails.  I took one sip and raced (ha!) to washing machine to get the towels going, then came back to my laptop to get this story going.  All this sudden activity, and I had to go prone on the sofa to watch the Ladies golf inKorea.

My brain is finally coming to —- there is a reason why I was going to tell you about “My Day.”  After taking that shower at the beginning of my day, I noticed something out of corner of my bad eye, and went blithely on my way to dress and have the breakfast. Do you think you could venture a guess as to what I saw in the bathroom just outside the shower door?  Sure you could.  There they were big as life — the SCOUT A-A-A-NTS!!!!!  At least they were not those itty-bitty ones from my wash basin that I had to have the loupe to see them.  These today are the regular size ants that I got rid of out in the malaluca tree.  Once again, I raced to retrieve the spray bottle with the straight Vodka, and have been back and forth over there to give ‘em a little spray of Death.

It has just now popped into my noggin that I had better stop all this about “My Day” and go have another skirmish with those uninvited guests.  Until next Monday———

LATE BREAKING NEWS: The Warden has just come out to announce that she found those little devils lying around with their feet up in the air, and she removed the remains. I hope this is the Happy Ending.

MELITAS FORSTER                          OCTOBER 22, 2012

4 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – October 22, 2012”

  1. You make me laugh out loud, Melitas! Hope you are back to your spunky self soon.

  2. Melitas,

    You are soooo funny. Loved this one. You are responsible for those ants marching straight to AA.

  3. Dear Classmates, Mon. am One loaner was reeling around and I stopped him with my big toe. Vodka does wonders for humans, in more ways than one. Melitas

  4. Dear Mena,

    Isn’t vodka wonderful? I hope you are sleeping better.


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