Mondays with Melitas – October 19, 2015

LATEST HEALTH REPORT                                   OCTOBER 19, 2015


Several weeks ago, our living (well, barely,) 97 year old new author was making the trek day after day to the Wound Center at Eisenhower Medical Center. She was swathed in gauze bandages on both legs, one with more than one wound; both forearms and one hand also sporting good-looking white as snow coverings. The Doctor would take one look, then count the injury sites to see if any more had popped up since the previous visit. This sort of thing did happen on occasion. She finally announced that she didn’t want to see the Patient for 2 weeks; in the meantime the Visiting Nurses group would take over the frequent bandage changes. They would be winding miles and miles of gauze all over the Patient, and Doctor would have a 2-week respite. Of course, she had plenty of old folks to take care of. Somebody is always bumping into the ground, or falling off a bar stool, or they may be trying to play the “Humpty-Dumpty” scenario.

And there is something about seeing someone take a tumble out in public. It is so ignominious for that person, but so sad for me to watch.

So here is the latest report on the condition of our Patient. This comes from the Wound Center and Traveling Nurse Outfit: The Patient is down to one pesky wound on right leg. The others are just scars reminding her to just stay on the straight and narrow……   Her outlook on life has taken a turn for the better, and the Medical Community is breathing a sigh of relief   — as is The Warden.




 Nurse Sarah very influential in making the "owies" all better. Patient has just been to Beauty Salon for manicure and hair cut & STYLED.

Nurse Sarah very influential in making the “owies” all better. Patient has just been to Beauty Salon for manicure and hair cut & STYLED.

9 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – October 19, 2015”

  1. So glad to hear that you’re down to one bad spot. You have been through one hell of a time that only someone as strong as you could handle at your impressive age…… showed ’em!!! I’m keeping notes for when I’m 20 years older and might run into some of this shit. Need to get together for lunch this winter.

  2. Glad to see you back and doing better. I have missed you and your blogs!!


  3. Aunt Mena- Missed you and your blogs. Happy to hear you’re on the road to recovery. But, maybe it’s time you had someone to keep you on that “straight and narrow road” while the Warden is out and about?
    Love, Georgie

  4. Missed your blogs too! Agree with Nephew and God Son George. Think it’s time for you to have someone there when Alba is out and about…getting teeth pulled or playing golf! You were always telling me how upset you were at Annie for not having someone there all the time. Alba is usually there, but when she’s not, I would feel better if someone was there just in case. Love you, Marcie


  6. Hooray! Soon to be back. Very anxious to read your first blog. Do not keep your fans waiting any longer.

  7. Looking beautiful!

  8. OK ole timer…what the hell happened? Can only guess. Next time someone says “bottoms up” JUST DON’T DO IT! We just arrived in our motorhome after a 6,000 mile trip back to the desert for the winter.

  9. OH Melitas! I’m so glad to get today’s blog and read about your recovery! You scared me s little, who try not to do that anymore. By the way, you look fantastic!

    Paul and I are in Maui playing a lot of golf and drinking a lot of Mai taxis! Wish you and Alba were here! We’re taking the day off today but will be back out there on the links tomorrow and Friday. We love it here!

    Take care or yourself!


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