Mondays with Melitas – October 17, 2011

  1964 – At this period in my life, I was very involved in the bar business, also a liquor store in San Juan Capistrano in the same building where my Swallow Bar was located on the corner of Camino Capistrano and Verdugo St.  It was a very large parcel with a lot of vacant land in back of the store buildings that fronted on the main drag – – and I thought to myself, this little town does not have a laundromat, and I will just go ahead and make one.  So I built this nice building, and the natives were ecstatic.  The ground floor was about 90% laundromat with a small retail space fronting on Verdugo.  Then there was a 2nd story with 4 apartments, and this is the site where this tale of woe from Mr. Piazza was referring to.  I found this letter from among some of my old pictures and letters I am trying to get through before leaving on my beeg vacation.  Please bear with me – – spelling, etc is all as exactly written by my tenant.


Dear Mrs. Melithas (sp) Froster (sp)

On Febraury 14th of this year I came to San Juan Capistrano and I visited the girl in the Swallow liquor store that I paid my rent to when I lived in your Apt C on 26762 Verdugo Street in San Juan Capistrano. I asked her for the twenty-five dollars deposit that I gave her when I took the apt C on the 28th of October of last year.

The girl in the liquor store whose name is pat, gave me a telephone number to call, – Pat Runyon your secretary number 499-2416. Miss Pat Runyon said on the telephone that she was unable to help me in my situation about receiving the twenty-five dollars deposit that I gave the girl in the Swallow liquor store when I took the apt c on 26762 Verdugo st. and she gave me your address on Temple Hill drive in La Guna Beach.

Mrs Froster I lived in Apt C from Oct 28th of 63 to Jan 28th of 1964. The last months rent I paid to Dick the bartender in the Swallows Bar because he said that he collected rent for you also.

About ten days to two weeks I had to move out of Apartment C on Verdugo St. because of very bad transportation to San Clemente where I had to buy my belongings because I came from the East coast with very little (a small case) because I only expected to stay a short while in California for a rest.

You see I had no automobile at that time that I could use for transportation, the bus that came by only once a day was the way I had to go to San Clemente.

After a short while in San Clemente I had to move inland because of bad health. You see I came to California because I get winter illnesses to often in the winter time so I am living in Ontario where I am now.

I was unable to write you sooner Mrs Froster because I am very busy setting up house here. You see I bought a house and I am waiting to move in. I am living in an hotel here and I receive mail in a post office box.

My address is

Emilio Piazza

P.O.Box 233

Ontario, California

If you care to know more about this situation you can write to me.

I tried to leave your apartment as clean as I knew how as you know I cleaned it often.

Hoping to hear from you about my twenty-five dollars deposit I gave the girl in the Swallow liquor store, I remain

Sincerely Yours

Emilio Piazza

I found lots of letters dated before AD 1900, but this one caught my eye, and it is comparatively recent  – 1964!  What grabbed my eyeballs mainly was the way he absolutely murdered the spelling of my name, and that in itself would have sent me bonkers.  I absolutely hate it when someone misspells my name!

Do you suppose I ever gave him back his $25?  My mind must be slipping – – for the life of me, I cannot remember.  And my cancelled checks for the IRS do not go back quite that far.  Do you suppose – – just to be fair, that I should google and try to  find him to set the record straight, and put my mind at ease?

7 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – October 17, 2011”

  1. Knowing you Melitas – you sent him a cheque.

  2. Yes – Google him!

  3. Mel, fogetaboutit! The way I see it he might be wanting more than just
    the deposit after all these years, think of the interest you have acrued? (big word) all these years.HA!HA!

  4. I Would never refund the monies to anyone who misspelled my name, that badly. Too bad, sport, you lose.

  5. Hi Melitas,
    Is he still alive? if you send the money and he’s dead you’ll never get the $25.00 back, then you’ll worry where it went,who has it now, and should i have sent it in the first place. Take the money, have a shot of Patrone and call it a day…..

  6. Haha:] No, you shouldn’t send him the money. If he was hurting for it, he would try to find you and claim it. More money for those writing workshops;)

  7. Thanks for sharing. What a plaseure to read!

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