Mondays with Melitas – March 25, 2012

I TOOK A TRIP IN A CAR                                             MARCH 25, 2013


I am worn out from a trip in the car for a few days in San Juan Capistrano.  My old golf club, San Juan Hills Women’s Golf Club, puts on an annual luncheon to honor the Past Presidents — at least the ones who are still alive and kicking.  So that meant I had to make it over there this year to show them I was still able to sit up to the table and take nourishment.  You see, last year I didn’t make it because I was indisposed and had something or other — maybe the gout.  The year before my really nice neighbor, Lori, hauled me over there since the Warden was involved with her volunteer work at the TennisGarden.

This year the Warden was the chauffeur, and I only had to put on the brakes on my passenger side a couple of times.  A couple of years have gone by, and I don’t really remember how many times I had to use “my side” brakes with Lori.

I was too busy with all those bars I had to join an organized women’s golf club because you are committed on a certain day of the week for the weekly tournament, and spending time having lunch — and maybe a cocktail or two — and the camaraderie.  But having the Mexico Lindo Restaurante right there in San Juan made it much easier.  The Women’s Club had been formed in 1967, I joined in 1969, and in 1971 I was their third President.  The first two Presidents are not in our midst anymore — they are with the “Upstairs” group who have beautiful green fairways to play whenever they feel like it.  (I know that’s where they are, instead of on burned out fairways because they were very nice ladies and very good golfers.  Margaret and Jeannie)

The luncheon was great, and when they had the old Presidents say a few words — well, you know they NEVER should’ve handed me the mike for my “few” words.  Some big amazon  (that means 5 ft. or over for me)  finally wrestled the mike away from me and saved them all from falling asleep.  I was either droning on and on or trying to give some advice  — which nobody pays any attention to anyway.

We did have a chance to get together with some of my family — my Niece-in-law Anita made a delicious dinner for us, and we had a chance to catch up on the family gossip, which at times can be quite hair-raising, and then we drove home.  My foot was on “my side” brakes — just in case.



MELITAS FORSTER                                 MONDAYS WITH MELITASIMG_0161

3 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – March 25, 2012”

  1. Dear Mena,

    Even though it exhausted you, I’m sure you were happy to have made the trip for that special luncheon. I’m happy, too, that you spent time with Anita. I am glad they put you in the middle of the picture. You are much cuter than the other ladies. Of course I might be biased.

    I love you,

    PS I used to love going to the Mexico Lindo.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip to our old home town! Since you got caught up on the family gossip, please share. They forget about me way out here in Phoenix!!
    Love you,

  3. Short story but many laughs. I love when they have to wrestle that mike away from you. Just wish we could see some video, but am happy to see a picture. Your storytelling never disappoints and has been the highlight of my Mondays!

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