Mondays with Melitas – June 15, 2015

A SPORTY WEEKEND                                                 JUNE 15, 2015

I pretty much have my entertainment figured out for the weekend, but I also have to do some work on getting a blog out for my Coach Tammy. I hope the play and the work will somehow mesh, and I won’t get mixed up on what I am doing at any particular time. The entertainment part of the weekend will be watching some sports, and the work will be writing the blog, so it means I have to carefully arrange and set times for each. An alarm clock will help.

Friday has come and gone, but the sports results have to be told. All the entertainment will consist of watching a few sports, then squeezing in some scribbling for Tammy. It worked out real well because first on my agenda was the LPGA (women’s golf tour) showing from 9 AM to noon. I had time during the golf to have my bowl of lentils, with whatever else the Warden finds leftover to toss in.

I love golf, but I do wish our American gals would pick up the pace to win more. I like winners. When watching the girls, I enjoy critiquing everything from their attire, to their swing, or how dumb they were on some shots, or feel awful when the putt would slide by, and feel worse when at the end of play, there are not enough USA players on the leader board. You’d be surprised how many don’t look so hot in their costumes. Years ago, I thought I should be part of the LPGA advising the players as to what to wear. I would have them all looking very chic. The one who wears a golf cap backwards with braids yet —well, that hat would have to go, and if the hat didn’t get gone, she AND the cap should disappear from the links.

After Friday women’s golf, there was a span of 5 hours until my next entertainment. That’s when the writer’s cramp would emerge, while I was scratching some words on the writing pad. Also, the clock would reach 4 PM, and you know what else would emerge to give everything a lift —Don Julio and Patrón are very welcome guests in this household.

I don’t watch much men’s golf anymore since Tiger got off the tour. I wanted him to break every record there was. I used to be glued to the TV for football and baseball, but anymore just don’t waste my time. The baseball players look like slobs with those long pants, they should go back to the old style just below the knee. And football has turned really mean. Those players are mean to their little wives, and they are having gun fights, and sometimes get killed.

Then at 5, it was time for the WOMEN’S WORLD CUP SOCCER game. I have to admit soccer is not one of my favorite sports — all that running around, back and forth, up and down the field, letting the ball bang on your head – or your boobs. Yesterday, they did all that running and kicking the ball all for naught. Score: USA-0, Sweden-0. What a waste of 100 minutes, but at least one can watch the world’s greatest goalie, Hope Solo. She is an incredible player. So, during all that, I could scratch out a few words for the blog.

I played Field Hockey back in my school days. It’s similar to soccer, except you have a hockey stick to hit — or try to — a much smaller hard ball. There is a lot of running back and forth to try to hit the ball past the Goalie into the net for a score. In one of the games, I was tangled up with a couple of opponents, trying to get the ball into my possession when all of a sudden I was clobbered on the head. After a few moments of lights out, I went ahead and finished the game. I don’t remember who won. The school nurse made me go home with a note to my parents saying: “Get that kid to a Doctor!” Turned out, it was a concussion, and I was filed away in bed for a week.

They could’ve started a survey right then and there about the concussions suffered by athletes. Just in my case, there would be plenty of data, however not all happened in an athletic venue.

On Saturday the ladies will be playing at noon, and so that is all the sports I will see. Now then, on Sunday it will be a very exciting day. I will have to get up early, finish the blog, then just sit, or lay around for 8 hours glued to the tube. No Soccer, and it’s a good thing because it would conflict with the other stuff I want to see. At 6 o’clock I will tune in to the NBA championship game with Oakland vs Cleveland, tied up with 2 games each. During the regular season of the NBA — basketball, in case you didn’t know — I only watch the games when the Lakers play. It was rather painful this past season, but I kept watching each game they played. I am not a fair weather fan who gives up on a team when they are not doing well. They have been “my” team since they moved to California. And now I will be rooting for the Oakland Warriors. I have to say I DO like Curry — but wish he wouldn’t look so glum at times. On the Cleveland Cavaliers team there are a couple of players I intensely dislike.

That will bring to a close my “sporty” weekend. I will start to bed around 9 PM because it takes me so long to get ready for bed, then towards midnight, wide awake, I will have my “wheels” get me to the kitchen for a cup of Hot Chocolate, then back to bed to sleep nice and cozy. A very nice time will have been had by me.

MELITAS FORSTER                                     MONDAYS WITH MELITAS

This is SOFTBALL, Melitas on the ground in some sort of misunderstanding, probably suffering one more concussion. She could not hold her ground, and she could not keep herself standing.

This is SOFTBALL, Melitas on the ground in some sort of misunderstanding, probably suffering one more concussion. She could not hold her ground, and she could not keep herself standing.


6 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – June 15, 2015”

  1. A small percentage of NFL players are doing things that the media likes to shove down our throats hoping we’ll react just as you did Melitas. Many many are doing great things for community and charity. Give the game another chance please. Do you want to be in Santina’s and my pool? AND I too love Steph Currie but I want the Cavaliers to win so all of Don’s Polak family in Cleveland will be happy – doubt that’s going to happen though. I’m going up to Whistling Straits in Wisconsin for the week of the PGA Golf Championship in August (with my two dumb brothers) and hope Tiger is there and has figured something out. Really miss him too.

  2. Melitas,

    There was a lot on your mind this weekend – very healthy but blog today. I’m with you about Tiger…ok so, he’s a s***head for all the crap he did to Élan, but I LOVE watching him play golf, especially when he’s on! I never get tired of it?

    I’m rooting for the Warriors! I’m very disappointed with the Lakers this year! Go Warriors!


  3. All of us will always miss the Tiger we used to know. He was absolutely incredible. He just needs a come back. And, like you said, we need more USA LPGA girls moving up the ladder. Great blog. Keep ’em coming. Look forward to seeing you for the book signing! Love, Marcie

  4. Dear Mena,

    I am so happy that you enjoy your weekends so much. My best friend, in Texas, spends her weekends the same way.

    I love you,

  5. Thank you for gracing us with your thoughts and feeling! They are thoroughly enjoyed! I’m all set to see you at your book signing and hope to bring my mother, who could use some inspiration! Affectionately yours.




    GO CHICAGO!!!!



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