Mondays with Melitas – January 7, 2013


MINDING MY MANNERS                               JANUARY 7, 2013


About a month ago, I wrote about the Desert League of Women Golfers having a Surprise Retirement Ceremony for me after the monthly Golf Tournament held at beautiful Escena Golf Club off Vista Chino in CathedralCity.

Desert League was founded in 1964, and I have been a member since 1975 from the Westward Ho Golf Club – now Indian Springs Golf Club in Indio/La Quinta.  During the past 15 years or so, I have served on the Board of Directors as Secretary, a few times as Treasurer and President — then my “Last Hurrah” job as Newsletter Editor.  I haven’t kept track of the years.

Now all this mish-mosh boils down to one thing: “Manners!”  My Mom always taught us to be polite and be sure  to say “Thank You” when required.  This goes to show that I still remember because here is my “Thank You” response to the Desert League Ladies appearing in the current Newsletter now under new Editor, Diane Jackson.  Hope she enjoys the position like I did, and while I’m at it — must include my “Thank You” to her.

I must be having a “Nice Day”  —-  “Thank You” for reading.



MELITAS FORSTER                                   MONDAYS WITH MELITAS




I want everyone to know I had a grand time at my SURPRISE RETIREMENT PARTY at the last Play Day on December 11, 2012.  Except for the cheep-cheep boa with its feathers falling out all over the place, and some even wafting around on the gentle breeze, I think things went rather well.  They let me have the microphone, so it was just a perfect day for me.

No one ever gave me a SURPRISE RETIREMENT PARTY when I retired after 27 years in the restaurant and bar business in 1975.  They didn’t even give me a plain old party.  And then there was no celebration of any kind when I retired in 1997 after 22 years in the Real Estate business.

So now I know that I have been missing out on a lot of fun things in life and didn’t realize it.  It took me a lot of years to finally find out about how a bunch of neat ladies can treat someone who is retiring from the every day scene.  Just give a SURPRISE RETIREMENT PARTY is the simple thing to do.  Make that person happy; give her a life membership even if she is 94, going on 95.  That made me happy, and to top it off to designate the day as MELITAS FORSTER DAY in Desert League, in the CoachellaValley, AND in all of the entire  State of California was almost too much for the old broad.

So, THANK YOU, ALL YOU GREAT LADIES.  You have been a wonderful part of my life.        Love to all, Melitas

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  1. Dear Mena,

    That was a wonderful heartfelt letter with some of your humor thrown in. Perfect. You deserved a party like that, finally; and to be recognized as THE Melitas Forster on the day named for you in the entire state of California. What an honor.

    I love you,

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