Mondays with Melitas – February 13, 2012

GRADUATION IN FEBRUARY?                                            FEBRUARY 13, 2012

            We had a Graduation last Friday the 10th, and I thought that all of you out there might want to hear about it.  There were 4 of us who have just completed our studies in the MASTERS SERIES — Jan, Diana, Dorothy, and I.

            It seemed odd to graduate in February.  I’m from the very old school days (very, very old, in fact)  when graduation time was in June.  We always had a prom, and then after the afternoon of Graduation day, a gang of us would go off to Hollywood and hit the Palladium where there would always be one of the Big Bands performing — and we’d dance the night away.  Talk about Heaven, well, we thought we were in it!

            I missed the caps and gowns.  Another thing I missed was having a Valedictorian who would have an inspiring speech for us to help forge our futures.  If we had a Valedictorian the other day, I imagine it would’ve been Diana — she was ALWAYS the one to have her assignments ready to be read the very first moment class convened. 

            After a long stretch of musing over this matter, I decided the Coach’s form for Graduation was probably better than the old days after all.

            I know I would not be able to dance the night away.    That’s for sure!

            Each of us “grads” had a little something to say before we were given our  walking  Graduation papers,  and the following page contains my words of wisdom.

—————————————————————————————————-SERIOUSLY,  TLC’s Writing Workshop has given me a whole new lease on life. I love Tammy for that. 

                                                                                                      MELITAS FORSTER



IS THIS A NEW CAREER?                                                          FEBRUARY 10, 2012

            Here I am in my life at another crossroads of which there have been many.  You know, it was in late 2010 that I graduated — and I didn’t even want to — from Tammy’s LEGACY SERIES.  That’s the one she told me to start with Session 2,  don’t bother with Session 1,  so I went merrily on my way attending all the other classes regularly, and pretty soon our esteemed writing coach announced to me that now I must take Session 1 before I could graduate.  I was getting confused by this time, and when she made me take Session 1 about 3 times I was even more confused. It was a good thing I didn’t have to keep paying for the space I was taking up in these classes.  So Prof. Coia finally let me slip through the cracks.

            Then it was time to enroll in the MASTERS SERIES, and I was beginning to get the hang of it, and Miss TLC had me start in the very first Session, and everything went along just fine, except I did ditch a couple of classes which made me a little fearful that she would pull something, and make me wait to graduate because of the truancy plus I failed to turn in a couple of assignments, or she would have me make them up, and I would have to do them 3 times.

            But here we are poised to graduate from the MASTERS SERIES, and I am so proud to be a member of this class.  One of the reasons for wanting this is because Coach has me doing blog thing “Mondays with Melitas” on her web site.  I love doing it, and I want to thank all my friends and faithful readers for hanging in there and posting their comments. Keep those clever comments coming — that is half the fun.

           And Tammy, thanks for putting up with me.              MELITAS FORSTER

14 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – February 13, 2012”

  1. Loved being there with you last Friday. And loved hearing your graduation story – – again! You always make me smile!


  2. Thank you for inviting me. Ever so enjoyable!You are incredible Melitas.Enjoyed seeing everyone too… Love, Kathy

  3. Congratulations on your graduation, dear Meli!!!!! You are truly an inspiration to all us “Young Ones”!!!!!
    Love you,

  4. Congratulations to you, Melitas, and to your fellow graduates. Hurry up and write your memoir…you’ve got a lot to say. We all want to read your life story.

  5. Congrtulations!!!!!

    Hope you won’t stop writing because I will truly miss
    “Mondays with Melitas!
    Love Ya,

  6. Enjoying every minute of your writing Melitas and have even shared with other Fiesta Association buddies.. Will we see you for the 54th parade on March 24?

  7. Mel, congratulations on your latest milestone. I hope you reach many
    more, where are you going on your Senior Trip??:):)
    Much love Jenny

  8. The tassle’s worth the hassle 🙂
    You are remarkable!
    Love, Roberta

  9. Sure hope you will continue writing and posting them somewhere; I sure have enjoyed reading your comments. Take care, Bobbie

  10. Congratulations Mena. You must keep writing…. you are an inspiration to all who read “Mondays with Melitas”. I am am so very proud of you. Love, Marshall

  11. Dear Mena,

    Congratulations on your graduation. I wish I could have been there. It was quite an accomplishment. You are an amazing woman. I am so grateful to know you.


  12. Congratulatons Melitas!!!! All I know is that this BETTER NOT mean that there won’t be anymore Mondays with Melitas. That just cannot be. I love ready your blogs. One is as entertaining as the next. I hope you did some celebrating…You know…it is 5:00 somewhere in the world!!!
    ch 🙂

  13. Reading your “stories” has been an absolute highlight of my week – written so well and often hilarious. Has made me talk differently to those living as many years as have you. Each one of them has such interesting times to remember and they thoroughly enjoy realting them! This isn’t the end of my enjoyable Mondays with Melitas is it?

  14. Awesome story Melitas. Can’t begin to tell you everytime I read your stories you make me chuckle! Love your humor! Congrats on your accomplishments! Keep those stories coming!!!!

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