Mondays with Melitas – August 19, 2013




Where were we?  Oh, I know now.  The first segment of this Desert Classic started on August 5th, then there was “continued” last week on the 12th, so now here we have cont’d. #2.  This will keep you on track, I hope, since there will be another one next week.

Several weeks went by after the first game we played against the men over in Palm Springs, so we were thrilled and excited to get the news that we would be on our way to try to even things out against those men at that bitty stadium.  It had been very dull and boring in our local areas — not much of anything going on — just boring after the excitement we had experienced being Fred’s guests, and playing our game of softball.  Christmas had come and gone, so we had a nice, fresh New Year to try to do ourselves proud.

It was back to the swanky digs of the Desert Inn, where we could languish and rest up for the events as they would enfold.  Friday evening was quiet, off to Claridge’s Grill for a soul-satisfying, wonderful dinner to get our bodies all stoked for the big event on Saturday.  Fred said:  “No Chi Chi tonight, you gals are going to have a very early night of it — and GET YOUR SLEEP!”

While the team is off in dream land, let’s throw in a little history of this era — the late thirties and early forties.  It was a very formative period.  The town was becoming an oasis for the “in” and beautiful people, the movie colony in Las Palmas was being built, Charley Farrell and Ralph Bellamy started  their Tennis Club in the north end. The beautiful and popular El Mirador Hotel  had been built, and the Del Tahquitz Hotel  was another top stopping-off place.  Those gambling joints never did make it into the town.  CathedralCity was home to the three of them.

Saturday morning arrived, we had a leisurely breakfast, then a few leisurely hours, leisurely being leisurely.  I was beginning to wonder if we would miss the “Play Ball” at 2 o’clock being so leisurely; we didn’t though, we came to life the minute we hit that stadium.  We went through all the warm-up routines, so when the plate Umpire called out “Play Ball,” we were more than ready.

Being leadoff batter, there I was in the batter’s box waiting for that first pitch (and probably shaking in my cleats) wondering how it would all end on that day.  The game went along very much like the first one — the pitcher we faced threw right past us – fast and hard.  And Lois was every bit as good, and those men were pretty much psyched out like we were.  The runs for each team were few and far between. Again, there’s no way for me to remember who made the hit(s) to make runs, but when the last out came in the last inning, and the dust had settled — no grass in this stadium! — there we were:  THE WOMEN HAD WON, they had beaten  those nice Palm Springs men!!!!!!!

Pandemonium reigned.  Everyone was jumping up and down, and Fred had a smile from ear to ear, hugging us all.  Even the spectators were excited — they should’ve been crying the blues over the loss by their home team.  (Oops, remember no crying —-)  Now the men’s team must’ve been very chagrined at the outcome of the battle, so before we left, the die was cast, and a date would be forthcoming for one more game to crown a champion.  Fred was happy, even though it was costing him big time, and we gals were delirious.

We finally extricated ourselves from the ball park to get back to the Inn where we’d be singing in the showers with loads of soap to wash away the dust and grime from the fray on the field.  We had to get into our best ensembles to get out there on the town and celebrate to the wee small hours.  After dinner, when we arrived at the Chi Chi, we stayed till closing.  We had watched the entertainment, we had been introduced to the crowd, so I guess you could say we were part of the entertainment.

We slept like babies.  The ball game, the Chi Chi, the cocktails,  all contributed to the nice nap we had.  Sunday came, and off we went to check in for the big brunch at Rogers Stables.  As usual, celebrities were there, but now we were part of the celebrities, and a great time was had by all.  Later, in the afternoon we had to get to a very social engagement.  We had been invited by this very nice couple to come to their new home for cocktails.  Mr. and Mrs. C had just built a beautiful home at the top of Cathedral Canyon Dr. in the area where it ends.  That was a new development of homes where the view of the valley was striking.  Mr. C was a big time furrier on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. So we mingled with the important people who were there, sipping our cocktails, trying the hors d’oeuvres  spread out on a huge dining table, and making small talk.  We were treated royally.

I can’t remember what we did for dinner, or if we hit the town again, or the Chi Chi, and it’s just as well.  I am getting tired already thinking about next weeks continued story.

Back to our life in L.A. or O.C.  Ho hum.  Look for next week for the thrilling finish.  But who knows, do you suppose it could be stretched for another “Continued?”





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7 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – August 19, 2013”

  1. Dear Mena,

    The win over the men and being treated like royalty must have been a huge thrill. What a memory!


  2. It’s such a treat to read your tails of softball and P.S. in the 30s and 40s. Keep ’em coming!

    Love you. -Roberta

  3. Really enjoyed this Aug19th ‘episode’. Looking forward to next week’s. I forget which one you are in the team picture.

  4. Truly enjoy your memoirs….wish I had experienced just half of what you did. I know I would have loved it!!

    Love you,

  5. WooHoo! I knew you gals were going to beat the men! I knew it. Can’t wait until next week’s continuing saga. Keep em’ coming Melitas!


  6. Keep them coming melitas! I am looking forward to next week. You have a super week my friend………

  7. It’s just like being there with you. You have a delightful way of grabbing your readers and not letting go til you’ve finished with us for the week – and then you leave us hanging by a fingernail waiting for the next installment. Thanks for the entertainment dear friend. You’re wonderful!

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