Mondays with Melitas – August 10, 2015

Melitas has had a busy week with all her book signings and I told her to take the week off and rest her hands.  She will return next week. In the mean time, have you purchased your book?  If not, you can email her directly and she will let you know the price and charge for shipping.  Her email is

If you have already purchased her amazing book, how about giving her a review on

Here is a picture of her after her book signing luncheon…I think she was a little bit tired!

mel with boots on

6 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – August 10, 2015”

  1. Rest well Melitas! you deserve it!

  2. Just received my copy of the “Book” from Janice over the weekend. She said Marcie, Darcy and she had a fantastic time at the party. Wish I could have been there. It’s going to take me a while to read the entire book because every story brings back so many memories and I have to dwell on all of them. Thanks to my favorite Aunt Mena for all the memories. Love, Georgie

  3. I patiently await your return!

  4. Hey Sleeping Beauty! Those boots were made for walking. You better awaken from your deep slumber fast. Time is awasting and you don’t have much time left to write….your fans are waiting for you.

  5. Melitis, I am so enjoying reading your book outloud to my husband while we are camping in Durangi,Co. He is a former pilot and loved the beginning of the books story about you and flying. I look forward to reading about all your adventures. But nothing will compare to actually meeting you in person with my sister Ceil. What a joy you are. And thank you for the signing. Until I read more.. Hugs Diana

  6. Dear Mena,

    I LOVE your book. I am on page 256. When I am done, I will read it again.

    I love you,

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