Mondays with Melitas – September 29, 2014

100_0525A NEW SEASON                                                   SEPTEMBER 29, 2014


There are not very many stories rumbling around in my brain today, so I’d better shake it up to come up with something. Then, I do remember just yesterday I saw something to talk about. It’s a darn good thing it was just yesterday, or it would have been lost in the shuffle — never to recall like in the olden days.


It was the Desert Sun, up on the very first page over the banner. It was Kobe Bryant, in all his glory, just a small picture, so you know there will be a story about him somewhere in this newspaper. Kobe is my hero of the Los Angeles Lakers ever since he graduated from high school there in the area, went directly to the Lakers, and wham bang — one of the great basketball players! Lakers — Basketball team in case I lost anyone there.


I’m not sure how many of my faithful fans are Lakers fans because I don’t have the slightest inkling what percentage of them are “athletes.” If you are, then you know how it is — “Faithful till death do us part.” I should add that I have been getting ready for basketball season to start. Several weeks ago, the Warden knew I was restlessly “ready some basketball,” and she had found the schedule on the internet somewhere, and surprised me with 8 pages of THE schedule. I rustled around in my Memoir supplies and dug out a loose leaf binder in a lovely bluish purple cover. Lakers colors are actually royal purple and gold, but this was close enough, then I made a title sheet, simply named Lakers. As soon as the season starts, this binder will be on the cocktail — not coffee — table in front of TV. In fact, it will appear in that position on October 6th when they do a few Preseason games to warm up for the Regular Season opener on the 28th. In the meantime, I have to get my team costumes out of the mothballs so I will get into the spirit.


I will suffice it to say that they had a disastrous season this past year. Everyone was getting seriously injured, Kobe could only play a few games, and this is the way it went all year with the others who were injured. I must put that out of my mind, and now only think “onward and upward.” (I hope the team is thinking the same way.)


My niece-in-law, Anita Forster, and I have been on the phone frequently during the off season, discussing the woes and problems of “our” team, and if the Lakers powers-that-be would just listen to a few of our suggestions, they might go places this year. But you know how men are? —- and we’re sitting here with all the answers. They should let the owner’s (now deceased) daughter, Jeanie Buss, take over the helm. Just look at all those smart companies like IBM and Cadillac that are depending on female CEO’s to bring them back from the brink.


I know my friend Maureen is probably getting her Lakers garb out to clean and fluff up. A few nieces: Roberta, Michele, maybe Marcie, are doing the same; and nephews: Michael and Robbie to mention more fans.


Thought I’d mention all those to drum up a few fans for Ol’ Me. I really do love ALL my fans, and one never has enough.


Till next week —I bid you all a fond “Adieu.” French, French, French.



MELITAS FORSTER                                         MONDAYS WITH MELITAS




9 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – September 29, 2014”

  1. Melitas

    GO LAKERS!!! I starting loving the Lakers when SHAQ started playing for them. Until then, I was a Chicago Bulls fan – it’s hard to not like Michael Jordan!! But Shaquilee, from my old college – LSU!!!

    Thanks for a great story!


  2. I heard all about this schedule you’ve compiled and prettied up in Laker purple. I’ll get the clan together and we’ll come out for the day to watch the Lakers win!

  3. I saw KOBE’s picture and then the article. I too am a fan of the Lakers….not like you, but can’t wait for
    the season.
    Thank you for warming us up.
    Think positive.
    Go LAKERS!

  4. I’ll be watching and rooting for them. Hopefully, I can come and visit you and watch a game when I’m there. It’s a lot more fun when I’m with you. Love, Marcie

  5. Lots of credit goes to Jerry West for keeping the Lakers on top……..he’s always on top.

  6. Dear Mena,

    Sadly, I do not follow any team of any sport; but am so happy that you have relatives and friends that do just like you.

    I only followed my son’s games.

    Love you,

  7. I am in the midde of MY favorite sport right now…….the NFL. Can’t get enough of it. Learned it all from my beloved late husband and his sons. But I will be so happy to see Kobe back and hope they have a great season and that no one gets hurt. I like your idea about letting Jeanie Buss run the show!!……….or maybe they should just give you a call.

  8. Hi and Melitas
    Wasn’t that a great “sexy” photo of Kobe? I was so excited to see
    him; knew he would heal that achilles tendon and come back with a
    vengeance. I’m getting out my Laker gear too. Do you think my
    Steve Nash shirt should come out? Going to be exciting. Getting
    together to watch game would be lots of fun.

  9. Melitas,

    You are one lady that I shall never forget, and I do talk about you all the time. You gave me some very serious advice many years ago, and I have come to realize you certainly knew what you were talking about. You said to me – Darlene, if you keep drinking that Vodka and Tonic it will kill you. You should drink ONLY Tequila and put a little lime juice in it. It is so much better for you… sugar. You are still with us so I do believe it works. The best to you, my friend and I sure miss our good times together on the golf course.
    Your Tequila drinking friend…..Darlene Montgomery, Bermuda Dunes CC

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