Mondays with Melitas – September 16, 2013

Preview for Battle of Wounded Knee…

I should never have left town because there was a little heat…

It was just not in the cards this time to have a nice pleasant time visiting my relatives and especially attending the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society Annual BBQ.

I lay flat on my back from Thursday evening to Sunday.  I had arranged to get dressed and some of my family even came to me with wheelchair ready for my 95 year old body to go for a ride.  But guess what…I just couldn’t make it! Drats…

On the program at the picnic, the president always announces the oldest people and one of my nephews had told him I wasn’t able to make it.  He opened up the program with the announcement of my fall.  I am sure that put a black cloud on this years BBQ.

When the BBQ ended a bunch of my family and some other folks arrived at my motel with our BBQ dinner.  Of course my tequila cocktail suddenly appeared so a little party started and my mood became better.  At least the trip wasn’t a complete waste of time!

So now, here I am back home, after a brief hospital stay…I am laying on my own couch being tended to by my warden and even my writing teacher came over to transcribe this brief  message.

I may keep this up for awhile, I’m kind of liking this attention…

Until next week…

Mel full shot

South Park Shorts

South Park Shorts

6 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – September 16, 2013”

  1. I hope you heal quickly! And that my mom serves you the tequila just the way you like it.

  2. Glad to see you are home again…..resting! Also glad to hear that being true to Forster tradition, our family brought the BBQ to you. Tequila makes the pain go away, so ask for extra helpings!!! LOL
    Love you,

  3. Get well card is on its way. It’s the very least I can do after all the joy you give us with your memoirs! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. Oh Melitas I just love your writing and I also love your fun way of looking at things. You are such a bright spot and I treasure knowing you. Feel better soon. Lori

  5. Melitas!
    Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you heal fast and are back to your adorable self! I love the shorts!

  6. Dear Melitas,

    Sorry to hear about your falling down. What is it with us gals that our center of gravity changes after 75!

    I always enjoy your blog – but don’t always leave a reply. I’ll try to do better. I wish you were on Facebook as that is where I keep up with so many family and friends. It is so interesting to me when I hear from friends scattered all around the globe – and from so many different phases of my life.

    Your blog reminds me of the book/show “Tuesday with Maurie (I think that’s the title. I wonder if someday we may see a play – Monday with Melitas. You have really had an interesting and exciting life. It’s so much fun to hear about it.

    I hope you are on the mend and that our paths will cross soon.

    Eileen B.

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