Mondays with Melitas – May 12, 2014

AROUND THE COMPOUND                                                     MAY 12, 2014


Everything is at a low ebb.


This week’s blurb is not much to write home about — I am trying to revitalize my body after surviving the high birthday season.  I guess you know that the Warden has to always get into the act because she has a birthday the day after mine.  Maybe that’s a good thing because I was invited to festivities for a much younger group, whereas my group is practically extinct.  The celebrations finally slowed down to a crawl on the 29th of April.


I have to be all perked up and fit as a fiddle by the end of June because there will be a grand Forster Family reunion in San Juan Capistrano to celebrate the 200th anniversary of my Great-grandfather Don Juan Forster’s birth. Most of the townspeople will probably flee the scene for other climes to have some peace and quiet.  This will leave a great story for Melitas’ Memoirs.  I should take some thick notebooks, and write as I go.  Also, dozens of pens so the ink doesn’t dry up in the one pen I brought.  Safety in numbers.


Then just a few days ago, I further depleted my “Herculean” strength — I swear this darling keyboard just typed that all by itself, but maybe that little left finger may have had something to do with it. Remember, it knows how to work 6 different keys without any help from anybody — in what order, you never know until you see it in black and white.


I wonder if those people who do the Jumble Puzzles would be able to make a word with:  the tab key, caps lock key, shift key, Q,  A, Z, and sometimes an X, S, or W.


Enough of this drivel — back to the story, which isn’t much of a ……….

So, depleting just my ordinary every-day-strength, I was helping the Warden with a bit of gardening.  We had to remove a lovely plant from a pot in which it was root bound.  We had just planted a nice new rosemary bush from Home Depot, keeping an eye out on it across the patio, and it hadn’t fallen over dead yet, so now we could concentrate on the potted plant which kept emitting sounds for 9-1-1.  I even helped with the hole-digging phase — oh, my broken back!  We (and I use the term loosely) finally released it out of the pot, and Warden maneuvered it into the waiting hole, all nicely lined with some healthy plant dirt. After all our ER life-saving efforts, it may still end up in the green bin on trash day, but we know in our hearts we tried.  It was a labor of love.



MELITAS FORSTER                                              MONDAYS WITH MELITAS

2 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – May 12, 2014”

  1. Miss my jumbles. Plant wasn’t looking very happy when I was there. It definitely needed some TLC or a funeral. And, I will miss my tree in the driveway…but not the sap on my car! Miss you guys. Wish I had been there to see this fiasco. Love, Marcie

  2. Dear Mena,

    I hope that plant survives after all that you and Alba did.

    I know you are looking forward to the Forster reunion. I am sure it will be wonderful.


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