Mondays with Melitas – March 31, 2014

MORE EARLY MEMORIES                                      MARCH 31, 2014


While I’m on this kick of really earliest memories, I may as well continue as long as the old brain will put up with the effort.  Another bang on the noggin may wipe out all those recollections, and then where would I be? — Right in the middle of a great story, and poof it’s all wiped out.  I hate to think something like that could happen.

Remember how my family is squished in that home on Pomona Ave. across the street from FullertonUnionHigh School?  Viv and I are still cribbing away in the bed room with the folks, and we kept mumbling about “When are the older ones going to pack their things and move on into married life?  Beth with her Sweetie, Gordon — he was up at University of California getting a diploma to be an engineer, and Sis’s Sweetie, Ralph,” — I don’t remember what he was doing.  See, there I’m already missing some very important data.  Brother Buddy was in High School, being a football, baseball, and basketball star, with all the girls swooning over him, but he only had one girl friend whom he liked the most, her name was Laura — and he steered clear of his 2 little sisters, but we didn’t mind.  I was still working on Viv trying to bring her up to speed, but she was reticent about trying to grow up just yet.  After all, I had 18 months on her.  So in my spare time, I started visiting some of the folks on our block, and they seemed to enjoy me dropping in to “converse” with them.

I am going to move along at this point, where I am 3 years old, and Viv is 1½ yrs. We practically have the house to ourselves.  We are freed from the cribs, and each of us has our own twin bed, and we are now filed in the middle bedroom, and Bud has moved to the back bedroom.  Beth is all agog, and all the plans for a big, big wedding are coming to fruition.  It’s a good thing Beth loved us 2 little ones, and so we would be a part of her great big wedding.  We were the flower girls.  Can you imagine that?  Everyone was gathered at the big church on the south east corner of Spadra   Rd. and Wilshire — downtown Fullerton.  We lined up in our places, and we would be leading the about-to-be-married bride down the aisle to the altar where Gordon would be waiting with already a “hang dog” look on his face.  I really wasn’t paying any attention to him, so just made that “look” up.  The music started, and I was more than ready.  Marching down the aisle, I started throwing, with wild abandon, the flower petals from my basket. (I was no doubt practicing for my future career in women’s softball.)  By the time I was half-way down the aisle, my basket was empty. The petals had been tossed all over the place, and the guests were cracking up. On the other hand, there was Viv with her basket, and she didn’t get up the gumption to throw even one lousy petal.  I should’ve grabbed her basket so the guests up front would’ve had some coverage.

Shortly after that, Sis went through the same ceremony to marry Ralph, but they didn’t use any flower girls.  Ralph’s parents were very circumspect people and would have wanted the ceremony to go without a hitch.

When I was 7 years old, I became an Aunt for the first time to Shirley, Beth’s first child.  I thought I was hot stuff.



MELITAS FORSTER                                MONDAYS WITH MELITAS


Carole in front of Aunt Mae's Cadillac in front of the high school

Carole in front of Aunt Mae’s Cadillac in front of the high school




Shirley in front of high school lawn

Shirley in front of high school lawn



Sis (Emery)

Sis (Emery)


11 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – March 31, 2014”

  1. Hey hot stuff, I think your folks should have parked you and your crib in one of those walk-in closets in that house – and thrown away the key! The Warden

  2. This is great stuff! On my way from Long Beach to Palm Springs in October, I hopped of the 91 and went by that old house at 509 Pomona Ave…only to find that it’s now a parking lot. What a shame, that was a great house.

  3. WONDERUFUL stories and pictures!! I am obviously slipping because I cannot remember near the details of my very young life as can you and I’m more than 20 years younger! Your brain is REALLY on the ball!!

  4. Meli..what a great memory you have!!;I can not even remember what I did last week..!!

  5. Another good story Melitas! I love the pictures too!

    Keep ’em coming!


  6. You go girl!!!! I watched ‘A League of their own’ at least I think that was the name of the movie. I could just visualize you out there with all the other players. Keep the stories and pictures coming. I look to reading them. Be good to your head and quit beating it up.

  7. Dear Melitas,
    enjoyed this story and photos very much. What great re-call. I don’t think my mind started functioning until I was 5. I have got to get back to my writing. Your story today is really an inspiration. Your writing helps trigger lots of my thoughts.
    Thanks Melitas for your continued “Mondays with Melitas”.
    Cheers, Eileen b.

  8. Dear Mena,

    When did Buddy dump Laura for Evelyn? Just curious. 🙂


  9. Who’s this Laura girlfriend…I always thought it was Buddy and Evie forever
    ; – ). Too cute you and Viv in your cribbies and then conversing with neighbors – of course you did!

  10. Wow your fan club is growing. Love love love your early memories. This one really made me chuckle. I see you even inspired The Warden!

  11. My dear little buddy. Your young brain was way ahead of it’s time. I hope you are collecting these stories for a fun little book. I’ll stand in line for mine!!
    Love ya,

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