Mondays with Melitas – March 10, 2014

ABOUT MY EARLIEST MEMORY                                 MARCH 10, 2014


I’ve gotta tell you about the earliest memory I have hung on to throughout this long life of pure madness, and I have a problem with some people I don’t even know, in fact, I haven’t the slightest inkling who they may be;  but I know they would pooh-pooh my story because it starts when I was a babe in a crib, and they say — oh, there it is!  “They say” it is impossible for infant babies to have any memory at that early age.

Have you ever wondered who these “They say” people are, and what they do every day?  They probably just think up some of their “They say.”  And here’s the kicker — everyone just goes along with  what “they say.”  I sometimes speculate that they get together and have some sort of a convention where they dream up some new “They say” sayings.  I don’t think I have ever run into a “They Sayer” in my time, but then if they just appear like ordinary people, how would you know?  It can be quite a dilemma, don’t you see?

Then, this new daylight saving time — it isn’t saving me anything when it robbed me of one hour of much-needed slumber — it came along and has completely scrambled my nerves, and they are in a very frazzled, delicate state, and here’s another thing:  “They say” I should not even lose an hour of sleep at this stage of the game I am now in up to the hilt.  After losing that hour of shut-eye with the new time, it just disappears into thin air.  You never have heard  what “They say about where it goes.

Then, out of the blue, a bright, shiny apparition appeared over my shoulder — it could’ve been the Warden — and placed a huge serving of Huevos Rancheros under my nose, and I completely forgot about all the gripes I was lining up to work on all the rest of the day.  The Asst. Warden, Marcie,  (my niece)  was also served some Huevos,  and Numero Uno Warden had hers.  Life was good again.

I was so incensed about losing sleep, and about all those “They sayers,” that I forgot my real story, but now since everything is all smiles around here, I will be able to write a half-way decent tale of those earliest recollections.  It will be Part 2 next week.

In the meantime if I ever come across one, but would hope for a big gathering, of those “They Sayers” in my meanderings, I will shout to the mountain tops:  You are NOTHING but a bunch of “NAY SAYERS.”




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3 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – March 10, 2014”

  1. Dear Mena,

    I have always wondered who “they” actually are too. There must be a lot of them, though, because people are always telling me something that “they” said. Maddening.


  2. You will prove those naysayers right unless someone can corraborate the facts of your story. Let’s get to the story first! You really know how to keep us coming back! Can’t wait to hear the infant memories.

  3. i want some of those “huevos rancheros” that would make me mucho happy too !! can’t wait for the next serving !! !! your so lucky , having two cooks waiting on you hoof and mouth !!!

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