Mondays with Melitas – February 3, 2014

FLASH!!!!                                                                                                                                       NO CATTLE BRANDING STORY THIS WEEK

FEBRUARY 03, 2014


My dear, faithful and sometimes readers:  A change took place in my agenda — through no fault of mine, and so the thrilling finish for last week’s tale of branding the cattle must be held over till next Monday, February 10th.   Several of my professional types had me cornered most of the week with their machines, stethoscopes, blood pressure apparatus, bone density machine, and whatever else I forgot immediately.  No time for me to tell tales.

I don’t know if they have studied the geriatric phase of life, but I certainly hope so because I think I fall into that category.  Sometimes I fall down, and they have to put old Humpty Dumpty back together again, and it would be most helpful if they find all the pieces.  I may be in the last stages of the geriatric slice of life, but try my darnedest to stay young at heart. Besides, I have to donate my heart to the ladies at my Heart Doctors office because every time they put the machines on it, and do those picture things, they all want my heart.  They can run a raffle for it in the future.

You see, I don’t have an inkling as to when the geriatric stage starts, and the end of the line ends.

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2 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas – February 3, 2014”

  1. Pardon my expression, but that sucks. I wait a whole week to read the rest of the story or another part of the story and now I have to wait another week? Well, it’s worth it. I will be patient. Just happy to not be a patient.

  2. Just don’t stop taking your 5:00p.m. medicine and you’ll be fine. Miss you. Love, Marcie

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