Mondays with Melitas, on a different day!

A SHORTLIVED WARDENSHIP                                 November 26, 2014


I am still smarting from the ignominy of getting the bum’s rush around here and being tossed out as the Warden. I figured to have the position for 3 or 4 weeks while the HEAD WARDEN would be using my auto driving skills hauling her around to the Doctor, and the x-rays, and the therapy with Shelley Cooper and her assistant Janet. Now I could have stood some time out of this compound. I don’t get much time at all out of here. Oh well, a week was my limit anyway. And I did luck out. The Warden had a mammogram just yesterday, and if I were still acting Warden, I don’t know how I would be able to handle it — can you imagine? — a 7:30 am, yes, that’s AM, appointment for mammogram. How would I have ever taken care of that? I don’t rise out of the cot till after 8 am.


I was enjoying the Vice Warden job. I drove her to a Post-Op, then for x-rays, then to a luncheon to say farewell to Tammy, then to another Post-Op, and Stater’s. That was it. Her Doctor found her quite fit, and gave her the green light to start driving. That means I had only 5 calls for duty — using my gasoline, mind you — but thank goodness the cost of the gas has been cheaper, or should I say: less expensive.


When I think about it. I never dreamed the Doctor would let her loose out on these dangerous roads around here with a gimpy right knee. Maybe he’s been too busy in the operating room, unable to fully read our Desert Sun Newspaper. The Paper has been harping about how the number of accidents have been on the rise, and the fatalities are on the rise; and this includes by automobiles, bicycles, and just plain old pedestrians who don’t bother to use cross walks. Anyway, the Doctor should be very careful when giving his patients the green light to get back out into the traffic. You might know the Warden has a heavy foot.


So everything is back to the status quo. She is back in the kitchen, humming away, just like her Mother used to do when she was cooking. My breakfast lentils are still to die for — except I want to live long enough to use up that drivers license. And I’m back to throwing the clothes into the washer grumbling away, and would you believe that washer and dryer have been with me since 1991, and acting like they are brand new.


Now I’ll take this space to Wish You All the Best; have a Great Holiday Season. Hug somebody today. Anybody.



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8 Comments to “Mondays with Melitas, on a different day!”

  1. Melitas,

    Debbi and I hope that you and the warden have a great thanksgiving holiday.


    Debbi & John

  2. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in your household. Have enjoyed your stories as usual. I am all caught up once again. Congratulations for renewal of kyour drivers license! I will ask the Warden just how well you took care of her. Ha!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to the both of you! I am glad The Warden is back on track, though I didn’t know she was out of commission.
    be well you two.
    c.hodge 🙂

  4. Happy Turkey day!! Love you!!!

  5. So Thankful for you and the Warden. Hugged the family today and sent several hugs and kisses your way.
    Love, Roberta & Laura

  6. Dear Melitas and Warden,

    Oops! I missed Thanksgiving wishes to you…so sorry! In lieu, Happy Black Friday!! I’ll be sure to get my Christmas wishes to you in advance!



  7. Working too much and not staying connected…. My bad.
    Love you guys. I’ll be calling you soon to catch up.
    Love, marsh

  8. Why is there a farewell to Tammy?

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