Listening to Melitas…

Ok, ok, so yesterday I wrote about my listening deficit, so I thought I had better focus more on this deficit and try to listen to one of the wisest women I know.  Most of you have been enjoying my Monday blogs, probably because they are not written by me but by my faithful 93 and 1/2 year old friend Melitas.  (By the way I am exactly half her age!)  Well, when I wrote about your passion a few days ago I included some pictures from my most recent hike (since I love hiking), but Melitas wanting me to explain the pics and who the friends were.  So Melitas…this one is for you!!

  This year for the Thanksgiving holidays Melitas and her warden (Alba) had the pleasure of having Melitas’ great nephew Marshall (otherwise known as Mr. Fix It) , Alba’s son Dean and his beautiful girlfriend Crystal for a few days to celebrate. 

I was looking forward to meeting Dean and Crystal and since I had met Marshall on a few other visits I was really excited to see him again!

On Thanksgiving morning Marshall and I ran the La Quinta Turkey Trot together and we had a blast.  During our run I suggested to Marshall that we should go on a hike while he is here since he loves the outdoors.  He suggested going shopping on Thanksgiving night at midnight, which I quickly turned down (obviously he never read my shopping with Melitas blog!).

Dean and Crystal wanted to join us so we busily planned for an exciting hike the day after Thanksgiving.  I suggested a few great hikes and we all decided to drive into Mecca to do the hike called The Ladders. 

Crystal packed lots of food and water for us to take and Dean and Marshall lugged it all in our backpacks, leaving Crystal and I free and unencumbered to hike!  We were well prepared and listened carefully to Melitas warn us of the perils of hiking and getting lost and that so many people need to get rescued and all the money it costs, etc, etc, etc…(you get the drift, she can go on and on and on). 

We headed out with our trusty hiking book and drove the distance to the start, about 3 of the miles were on a sandy dirt road, but we finally made it to our destination.  The scenery was amazing and beautiful and we all had such a great time.  It seems that some of the ladders were missing so they had some ropes we could use to climb up on.  It was strenuous but fun.  We hiked and hiked and hiked, knowing that the book said this hike was a loop.  After several turn arounds we finally saw where we should have turned.  It was a small pile of rocks with a twig sticking up out of it.  Now why didn’t we see that??  So we continued to hike and hike and hike and finally made it back to our trusty car just in time as the sun was beginning to set. 

I knew Melitas would be upset and worried and since I had been busy taking pictures all day, my phone battery was dead and I suggested we call home.  Dean finally said let’s call home just before we get there and tell them we are lost!  Melitas, I of course was dead set against this as I would have called you every hour to give you an update of our status, but since I was outnumbered and out of juice I had to go with the plan.

So after a LONG, fun, exhausting day of hiking we were welcomed in by Melitas and Alba and Melitas promptly poured Crystal and me a tequila!

So there you have it, my fun exciting hike with 3 of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet!  I look forward to our next hiking adventure with my newest family members! 

Melitas, feel free to add anything I may have left out!

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  1. Tammy, you just about covered it, but when I saw all the other pictures of this hike, there’s something we should get involved in and that is to complain about conditions there. We would have to find out who owns the land — could be some Indians and we could tell them to fix all those broken ladders and ropes, or they will be in deep do-do when someone falls, breaks something and then goes to court to sue them. At this point you would hope it was a wealthy tribe. On the other hand, if it’s Federal land, the injured person would just have to throw in the towel — no money there. But we could talk to Mary Bono-Mack and ask her to have at least a few signs put up so people wouldn’t be going around in circles and getting lost on their little hike. I have run out of things to say. Melitas

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