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Last week I was studying for my new writing class.  I went to one of my favorite places here in the desert.  Koffi has delicious coffee, but also a gorgeous courtyard where you can see many friends gathered to discuss the days events and catch up with each other.  On this particular day the ground was still a bit damp as we had just had a burst of rain throughout the night.  I sat near the man in this picture and his two labs.  One was much older than the younger one.  As I watched the dogs with their master, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the man reading his paper and the dogs intently watching each bite of his bagel.  The drool was hanging from their mouths as they kept their eye on the prize.  The man gently took off a piece for each dog and said: “ok, you two, last bite.”  This went on for about 5 more times, each time he said the same thing.  Finally,when it was finally the last bite, they both drank some water and then sat next to him quietly with their faces down on their paws for a morning nap.


Even though I was busy studying I am glad that I spent a few minutes watching the love between the man and his dogs.  How many times are we so busy that we don’t stop and see what is around me.  When later that morning I went to class I talked to two of the women who also have been taking the Torah study class with me for several months.  I knew these women by name, but not much detail about their private life.  I started by asking simple questions and found out that one woman’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 8 and her mother died when she was 11.  Her mother at the age of her death was only 47.  The other woman shared with me that her partner used to be a mountain climber, even climbing Mt. Ranier.  She had even ridden her bike down the Oregon Trail traveling over 100 miles a day ( I would love to do that some day!) and then after a simple root canal, her partner got an infection and within a few weeks suffered a massive stroke.  Here were two women who I have spent many months with and yet I never stopped to find out who they were.  I love finding out about the lives of others, but some time I get too busy in my own life that I forget to open my eyes and see those moments of wonder.  Yes, it is true…every body has a story to tell!

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Wendy Price, Palm Desert, CA

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