The Journey…June 9 now and June 9 last year…

loreto blog june 9Last year at this time my day began in Athens, Greece.  I had just arrived and had a full day to explore the ancient city before catching a 9 pm flight to the small island of Skiathos.

This morning I awake in the beautiful town of Loreto located in Baja on the Sea of Cortez.

Two dates, one woman, two very different reflections.

I look at the growth in my life from one year ago and I hardly recognize the me staring back at me.

So much change in one year, so many opportunities.

Last year I knew my life would be changed by flying halfway around the world to write with women I didn’t know but only later would I realize the impact it would have on me.

This year I reflect on my group of women that I taught in a beautiful place, not as far, but just as magical.

We shared each other’s story in the conference room, at the pool, on the boat, in the sand, over fish tacos, over wine, beer and margaritas.

We laughed, bonded, connected as only women can.

Most of the women didn’t know one another, the common was thread was that they all knew me and trusted me enough to travel and write with me.

The stories we all heard this week will stay with us.

Some I think about can still make me smile, even laugh out loud.

Others make me cry as I remember your words.

Your story, my story, our shared story.

Your names are all now written upon my heart and I hope as you continue on the journey of writing you will remember the lessons, the prompts and write your unique story that is yours and yours alone.

Giving yourself the gift of writing, whether at home, or the coffee shop or even miles away on a retreat is truly a gift.

Allow your writing to take you away to that deep place.   Listen to that voice that wants to come forth in your story and then have the courage to tell it.

Yes, this week confirmed to me that we all have a story to tell.

I love being your teacher…watching you wrestle with words, contemplate, dig deep until you find the heart of the story.

loreto blog june 9 el corazon

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