Introducing Mr. Coia

Bruce's collar

Bruce’s collarBruce sleeping


Several months ago  I was looking at the Animal Samaritan’s website when I noticed little Bruce.  I would comment on his posts and share his picture on my facebook page hoping someone would adopt him.  I had heard he had been living at the shelter for a little over a year and had been turned back in by a few foster families.  My heart would break every time I saw his little face.  I knew there would be a family out there that would want him, but I didn’t know that that family would be me!


I went back in May to meet Bruce for the first time.  He wagged his tail and I was told not to hold him to close to my face because if he hears another dog he may turn around and bite you.  This tiny little guy I thought…he must only weigh about 2 pounds!


I knew I had several big trips planned so I whispered to Bruce that someone out in the world would see him and come get him, but if when I came back he was still there I would do everything in my power to get him.


Yes, Bruce was still there when I returned but was then told that Bruce does not like other dogs so I won’t be able to adopt him.  Yes, I thought, but Courtney is not just any dog.  She is nearly 13, blind and sleeps a lot.  But she loves all dogs and what a good pair these two would make.  I pleaded my case and was then asked to bring Courtney in for a meet and greet.


I felt so nervous that morning because I really wanted it to work.  Animal Samaritans first had me bring Courtney towards his pen and of course Bruce started barking and carrying on.  Then it was suggested we meet in neutral territory out in the back break area.  I knew Courtney would not be afraid of Bruce’s antics so I just let them sniff each other…then the tails began to wag.


There were a lot of tears that day as they handed Bruce over to me.


I am so glad he is a part of our family and now he has a forever home…Bruce playingBruce on computer


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  1. Tammy, May I gave Bruce another name? I will call him “little Taco Bell”! alba

  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the life and times of Bruce on Facebook. I think he is becoming a celebrity. Watch out for the paparazzi or is it dogarazzi?

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