Half way there! 30 day challenge!

About a month ago my friend Melanie invited me to try out her Bikram Yoga studio that she has been practicing at.  I quickly agreed as it had been over three years since I practiced Bikram Yoga and I knew how much I loved it then!  Well, as you can imagine after that first class I was hooked again!  Imagine how excited I was to learn that the studio would be having a 30 day challenge (do 30 classes in 30 days!).  I fondly remembered back to my San Jose Yoga days where I did the 60 day challenge in only 42 days.  I quickly signed up and with the encouragement of Melanie we are now half way through the 30 day challenge.  I should have asked Melanie today in class how many she has completed, but on day 15 I have already finished 25 classes! (I believe Mel has around 28, if I am not mistaken!).  So, what have I noticed in these 15 days of consecutive yoga series?  Well, my body is definitely getting slimmer, my skin is glowing and my energy is off the charts!  To bump up the challenge even better, Mel and I have decided for the month of June to not have any alcohol, caffeine or sugar…waaah!  But the difference I feel in my body is amazing!  Kim Tang has outdone herself on making such a beautiful yoga studio.  The teachers are fabulous, I haven’t had one I didn’t absolutely love!  In the picture to the right are two of my faves, Cornelius and Kelli.  Today is the last day to sign up for the 30 days, so if you are in the Palm Springs area give yourself the gift of good health and consider joining us on our 30 day challenge!  Bikram Yoga University Village is where lots of great things are happening, come check it out!  Your body will thank you! 

Also, to celebrate our 30 day challenge join me and Mel at 3rd Corner Bistro in Palm Desert as we congratulate ourselves on a job well done!  We are looking forward to our first glass of wine on the 30th at 4:30!  Thanks Kim, Cornelius, Kelli, Whitney, Keely and Frank for all the wonderful classes and the great energy you share with all of us!

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