Any Day Melitas Wants…Melitas Gets…


(sing to your own tune)

To add to all my miseries, the annual march of the ants began Friday night in the kitchen.  I was that surprised when I left the bed around 1:00 am for my almost nitely run for hot chocolate to soothe my old carcass and then get back to bed for some z-z-z-z’s.  Otherwise I would lay there eyes wide open, and brain working overtime and flat on my back to accommodate  leg brace.

What surprised me was a horde of ants scurrying around on the kitchen counter right where my afternoon cocktail is concocted.  At least they were regular size ants and not those itty bitty ones I was plagued with in my bathroom awhile back, those were the ones I had to fight to the death with the water/cheap vodka concoction.  I couldn’t use the tried and true corn meal method because they were too tiny to carry a grain of the corn meal back to nest.

So I was in luck here at the kitchen location.  These intruders were coming out in at least 10 freeway lanes from under the bar top, disappearing into a small opening in a corner.  I started the liquid method, but after a few squirts I changed my mind.  That was only going to zap the ones on the counter, so off to the pantry to retrieve the box of cornmeal.  This stuff can get back to the nest with these greedy little varmints and VOILA!  – They all enjoy the feast, then they blow up —– THE END!

I saw them last night, now I don't!

I saw them last night, now I don’t!

3 Comments to “Any Day Melitas Wants…Melitas Gets…”

  1. So happy to hear your “voice” Melitas. Great story, lotsa chuckles as always. Love the photo too. Miss you and praying for healing.

  2. Melitas you make me laugh every time I read one of your stories! I can just picture that so clearly! That reminds me of a time when we had our house on the market. We had it looking in top shape, polished up the counter, and smelling good! We were planning an open house that morning. We woke up to a zillion ants marching about on the counter! I didn’t know about the cornstarch so immediately sprayed the “Raid”, cleaned up the mess and was on our way out the door. Smelled the whole house of bug spray. We stressed all day over those critters wondering if they were going to make a second appearance with the real estate agent by himself! Darn pesky things!

  3. Good thinking girlfriend! You surely don’t want to waste good chocolate on a bunch of critters. They probably don’t like it all that much anyway – they just take it to irritate you. So best they bring home the goods to make some cornbread or whatever else you make with cornmeal. Obviously they must be northern ants, not the southern variety who surely would know about the expandidng ways of cornmeal. I mean, have you ever seen a skinny cornbread eater?

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