The day after Christmas…an open letter to my dog Bruce

blog bully stickThe day after Christmas…an open letter to my dog Bruce

Okay little guy, I can see you are a bit down in the dumps today. Come sit here next to me and let’s talk. I had a feeling this conversation needed to happen, I just didn’t realize it would be so quickly.

Yes, I did notice yesterday while you were perusing through facebook that you couldn’t help but notice all your friends getting lots and lots of presents. Some were even sitting on a big man’s lap with a white flowing beard and red suit. I saw you press “like” at Elliott’s new collar and scrolled through all the many posts of MG and her presents. You watched intently as she opened one after another after another after another of her many gifts.

I thought it would cheer you up to walk you along the beach, but then I realized that you get to do that every day so it wasn’t that special I am thinking…

So let me put it to you straight, or as best I can tell you…we are Jewish. Remember last week?  For 8 nights you and I got to light the Hanukkah candles and say our prayers while we marveled at the beautiful lights, 8 Bruce, 8 nights we celebrated!

Yes, I know we might not have a tree in our home and lots of presents under the tree but we had Latkes! So listen little man, get that tail up, they may have Christmas but we have celebrations nearly every month of the year!

So next time you are feeling blue looking through facebook remember I chose you and Jews are the chosen people.

And just so you don’t feel so sad, I was straightening out your blanket this morning and look what I found underneath it? A bully stick from the states! So little man, enjoy your belated present. Remember what Rabbi Sally always taught us…gratitude…

We have each other and guess what? The Sabbath begins at sundown which means we can light our Shabbat candles tonight together!

Shabbat Shalom my little boychick…

Love, Mama


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4 Comments to “The day after Christmas…an open letter to my dog Bruce”

  1. I loved this one, Tammy!

  2. Lovely letter to the boychick. I’m sure he feels mucho gratitude for his life with his Jewish mama.

  3. Why can’t he have both. Actually. .why can’t he have all the holidays. From a Buddhist perspective. .all that matters would apply…We have 3 Kings day coming is celebrated in México. ..let him have presents!!
    Carpe Diem Bruce!!!

  4. We all can take something away from that letter. Love it!

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