Are you sprouting?

I have been writing and thinking about growth lately.  Growth comes in many shapes and sizes, as children there were times where you may have had a “growth spurt.”  Have you had one of those lately?  It seems like as adults when we have growth opportunities it may come in the form of pain.  Wouldn’t it be great if all of our growth opportunities came in times of light, love, blue skies and green lights, where it felt good and we could see where we are going?  Unfortunately that is not the way it works.  I can remember a student of mine telling me once that the hardest part of growth and change is when one door closes and you are standing alone in the hallway waiting for the other door to open.  Reality is, we are destined to grow, one way or another.  Our only choice is, will it be consciously or unconsciously?  I believe there can be great personal growth for us as we learn to consciously push out into the darkness as well as the light.  Think back to times in your life when you have grown from a circumstance in your life.  Most of our most meaningful personal growth experiences can be stimulated when life appears the darkest and most uncertain.  Have you ever put a bag of potatoes in your cupboard where they can sit and just be in the dark.  What happens?  They will still continue to “sprout” even in the darkness.  The darkness doesn’t seem to stifle the growth of a potato.

Is it time for you to “sprout” some new growth?  If the answer is “yes,” don’t wait until “growing conditions” are perfect because they seldom are.  Don’t turn away from your dark or uncertain times; lean into them and invite the wisdom of the universe to reveal the meaning and purpose of the moment.  Let the experience become the teacher.  Push out into life and grow, regardless of the conditions, because that’s why you are here-to evolve and grow into the spectacular being you are!

Today in your journal writing consider the ways life has been your teacher.  Do you find your times of growth to be more conscious or unconscious?  If you haven’t “sprouted” lately, in what area would you like to grow?

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