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Continuing with the theme of stocking our tool kit, no tool kit would be complete without the gift of appreciation.  Many times we can have the most glorious and beautiful gifts right under our noses every day, but if we are preoccupied with the challenges that life is guaranteed to present, we never see the gift that lies in the moment at hand. But not only the beautiful gifts, what about the challenges, are you appreciating those?  Sometimes the beauty of the gift is that it is wrapped up in a challenge.  As I reflect upon those challenges and turning points in my life I can now see the gift in each one.  Sure, sometimes it may take awhile to see the gift if the circumstances and challenges are particularly difficult, but try to see where the gift may be hidden. 

The beautiful gifts that life brings us every day are beyond measure, but we have to be willing to be present enough in the moment to see them.  What gift has been laid at your feet today?  Perhaps now would be a great time to stop, look down, and appreciate it because it may not be there forever.  Appreciate the gifts that life brings you in every moment.  You deserve them.

Today in your writing get a pen and paper and begin to make a list of all the amazing gifts that have bestowed upon you.  Start with gifts you have become so used to that you tend to take them for granted (for example your bed, food, electricity, etc).  Continue to develop this list over the next few days and notice how much more present you are in every moment, even when the inconveniences of the moment call for your attention.  Finally, begin to be aware – the greatest of gift of all is the gift of life itself so start by appreciating every moment of it and those moments spent with those you love.This is a picture of one of my students (Donna Page) who was one of my speakers at my Women Inspiring Women conference in Indian Wells, CA last January.  When I think of appreciating the gifts that life has given you I think of Donna.  She survived a terrible illness, she lost both her legs and has stubs for fingers, but the smile that she radiates is contagious.  Donna is one of the most inspirational women I know and I am thankful to have met her and call her my friend.

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