A special message to Namaste Bryce Rose Pergament…

Dear little Namaste,

When I heard the news that you were born and entered into this amazing world I found myself smiling all day.  You see, I remember when I first met your daddy and then your mommy a long time ago. 

It was my first year of teaching at a school called Harker in San Jose, California which is very far from where you were born in New York.  Your daddy, Jason was a new teacher at the school and we had to attend the new teacher training.  I remember two things about your father: he was very tall and always had a smile on his face.  I liked him instantly as I know that you are going to grow to love him so much.  A few years after we taught together your mommy came to teach at the same school.  You know what was the first thing I remembered about your mommy?  It was that she was so short and always smiled!  I also remember thinking that your mom and dad were so cute, they looked like they could be brother and sister!  We taught together for awhile and soon enough they fell in love.  The students loved your parents so much.  Our last year that we all taught together I remember on Fridays they would thrill my 3rd grade students by coming into my classroom with their funky friday outfits.  They were usually dressed in something they found at the Goodwill store that resembled a flashback to the 70’s.  My students loved when they would see your mom and dad bust into the classroom and they would vote on which outfit was the funkiest! 

I am sure you don’t realize this yet, but so many people love your parents.  Not just because they are so hip and cool, but because they are both authentic and live an amazing life.  I loved looking at the pictures of your mom on facebook of you growing inside your mommy’s tummy and then the exciting news when it was posted that you were born, then came the pictures of your beautiful face.

So little Namaste, enjoy not only this wonderful planet as I know your parents are going to teach you how to live your life to it’s fullest, but know that you are loved.  I hope someday your parents will take you out to Joshua Tree which is near where I live so I can see your precious face.

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  1. Wow that was beautiful and I thank you for this great memoir. We are proud of all three. But between you and me, my heart goes to little Namaste Bryce Rose right now.
    Thank you….LEW

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