A map of your life

Sometimes writing takes us into unfamiliar spaces, too.  We look at photographs and try to remember who we once were.  Or who the people we loved were.  And we connect the dots, creating the border of a map of our lives.

There is something comforting about looking through our journals and pages in our family albums within our homes.  when we are consumed by what is happening right now, it is easy to forget about who and what came before, to lose the larger perspective.  But each of us has a story that extends further back than we can see, a story that began before we were alive and will continue long after we pass away.

Today take a moment and look through your photographs.  Is there a story longing to be written?

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  1. Dear Tammy,

    Another great post. Photographs of ourselves, others, even unknowns pulled from magazines, are great for bringing so much from our lives and our imaginations to the fore. I have used magazine portraits to begin writing classes. There are a number of methods I’ve employed over the years. In one, I place a different magazine portrait on every desk or participant’s place–usually the images are of persons in various states of emotion or deep thought. I give the students a timed writing exercise about that person in the portrait. Then I give them time to trade with someone else and do another timed writing…then another. Eventually the stream of consciousness writings would be tidied up and turned into poetry. Writing about this unknown person is sometimes very freeing and anonymous, in a way. The writers sometimes end up writing from their own intense experiences and it can be very revealing to them. I have many variations on this theme where participants use their own photographs and others, if you’re ever curious. Either way, thanks for another inspiring prompt, Tammy. Peace and continued good,


    • What a great writing exercise Diane. I think that is a wonderful way to start the flow of writing from a less threatening way! Thanks for your words of wisdom…

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