Writing your life issues an invitation for you to write it like it was, or the way you think it was.  I encourage you to evoke memories, recreate scenes with description and dialogue, extrapolate plots from your life, and perhaps most important, discover your own voice.  Become intoxicated with language!  Make lists, write letters, keep a journal, take notes, jot down ideas.  Talk back on paper to the TV, authors, your boss.  Who will know?  Scribble, doodle, and scrawl until your mind is raining words.  Free the narrative of your unique life, which will include the people you have known, and the ordeals, joys and accomplishments you’ve had like no other.  Sit down and begin the process of remembering, feeling it and learning to give it form, meaning and expression in words.  Try sneaking up on those incidents and people that have shaped your life.  It could be an insightful path to your past.  Don’t discard your memories.  They are a valuable, deep motherlode of material no one knows but you.

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy