Life is movement.  Some of it is the good stuff-growth and learning and excitement- and much of it is the difficult stuff-like forgiveness and grief and letting go.  Movement teaches us about ourselves.

Maybe the daily routine of your life has grown stale and you wonder what’s missing.  Maybe you sense a growing urge to try  something you’ve never tried before.  Maybe you feel as if the people who depend on you are holding you back-or your own fears are keeping you from moving forward.  Maybe the familiarity of what you know is more attractive than the risk of the unknown.

In a way, writing is a metaphor for life’s movement.  As a practice, memoir writing inherently involves surprises, things we didn’t expect to happen on the page, things that ask us to let go of the original plan.

Today in your writing examine the movement in your life.  Where would you like to see more movement.  Are any of the above statements true in your life?  If you are not moving forward what is stopping you?

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy