The writing process is not always easy.  Deep, exploratory writing can be exhausting.  There are times I’d rather sit and “watch” than do the work of sorting, analyzing, or reflecting.  But it’s the difference between taking in a beautiful mountain vista from a roadside pull-off and hiking the Appalachian Trail-covered with sweaty dirt, smelling the earth, feeling the wind.  Not writing is easy.  But in not writing, we miss the journey.

Nor is the writing process always beautiful.  When we search for our truth, we may find ugliness, too.  We see our insecurities and fears.  We see the darkness.  But when we make the darkness visible, we can stop carrying it around inside us.  On many levels, the practice of writing in our memoir pages is a healing endeavor.

Are you ready to start the healing process?  Let me encourage you to take a deep breath and jump right in!

"Thank you for sharing this page" ~ Tammy